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  • rivethead6662002 rivethead6662002 Feb 9, 2006 11:12 PM Flag

    Very, Very Worried

    No, not at all about the earnings release.

    I'm worried about the extremely high level of idiots that apparently own this stock.

    Let me just clear up a few things:

    1. This is an earnings press release, not the 10-K. Yes, it has to be reviewed by the auditors. No, they don't attest to its content.

    2. The 10-K is an annual SEC filing (annual report) covering the entire year. It's content is audited. The auditors do attest to the accuracy of that info.

    3. The 10-Q is a quarterly filing filed three times a year. There is no 4Q 10-Q filing. The 10-Q is REVIEWED by the auditors. They do provide a review report. It's not the same as an attestation.

    4. The press release is not filed directly with the SEC, per se, but an 8-K needs to be filed within one business day of release for any press release made.

    5. At the time they made their 1/16 press release announcing the time, I'm sure they had every intention of releasing tonight at "approximately 4pm CDT". But plans can change for a myriad of reasons. These are just numbers. It's not like a heart surgeon late for a surgery with a transplant heart waiting on ice.

    Bottom line: I'm sure we'll get an explanation of the delay during tomorrow's CC, or perhaps in the release itself.

    Honestly, I can't believe all the whining and moaning going on here tonight. Between the monthly origination and paydown numbers we're given, the TI carryforwarded already recorded and market news for NEW and others, NFI longs already have a great picture of what the earnings release is going to say.

    So what the hell is the problem if we have to wait a little longer for it?

    Some of you need to get a life. Others of you need to end yours and get rid of those genes in the gene pool.


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    • That's very amusing. You can't even figure out an ID to say you were, and you haven't been here long enough to know who I am or what my history is.

      Nice going. How is the weather in the punjab?

    • Tell me your real name and I'll tell you mine. psst... all of our usernames are pseudonyms. Whether I posted in the past as dogdude or dickhead or rightknee is really irrelavant. I own a lot of NFI stock right now, but by tomorrow night I will own less. I hope you buy my shares! If I only owned a couple hundred shares, as you apparently do, I probably wouldn't sell tomorrow either. By the way, just how many shares of NFI do you own, and why do you care what I do with my shares?

    • Fine. But as I predicted, you can't name the usernames. So that has you as lying basher, 1, honest guy, 0.

      As always.

      You guys really need some pro help.

    • Listen man, you are paranoid. I have posted here under several other usernames. I have read everything which has been written about NFI and naked shorting. I have been long NFI for four years. At one point I owned 10,000 shares. I also own NEW and SAX and TMA and I have owned NLY and LUM in the past. My complaint here is primarily with rivetheads arrogant performance tonight. I don't really give a crap whether you believe me to be long on NFI stock or not. And I don't care what you or anyone else does with his own stock. But right now I am not at all happy with Scott and I will probably sell my shares tomorrow and sit and watch to see how this all shakes out.

    • Given their history, it is 100% stupid PR. Or deliberate.

      Short more.

      And read up on special dividend declarations.

    • >>It's the not knowing that will pressure the share price. <<

      You got that one right! If what you say is true, and it could be, than why did Scott not simply say that in the PR? There are no two ways about it. Either this is a serious issue or the PR was a stupid PR.

    • The management clowns at Novastar once again screw the stockholders.

      I predicted $28.50 on CC day two months ago but even this stunt has me amazed.

      Dickheads rule OK

    • Who the "f" are "we"? geez man you're sounding like a 15 year old!! Grow up! There ain't no "we". Its all in your imagination!

    • Wow. You are certainly a convincing long. How novel that you appear suddenly to convince us all that you have had it, and are going to sell.

      How refreshing to see that the script hasn't varied for the last almost 4 years here.

      Let me guess - you can't tell us what your old ID was, well, you know, just because. But you are posting every 90 seconds to create fear because you want to sell tomorrow, and share that with us all...because you've had it...

      Do you really believe anyone falls for this nowadays? We've all read the Elgindy transcript, OK, we understand short and distort on message boards. Save the bandwidth...

    • GO back and look. The only change they talked about making in 2005 was the new model for their securitizations, one which resulted in lower TI by about ten percent. I bet this is the fly in the ointment and now addition tax opinions by outside counsel are needed to justify the lower TI. It's the not knowing that will pressure the share price.

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