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  • smoothjazz0204 smoothjazz0204 Feb 8, 2007 9:41 PM Flag


    Defending NFI on the NEW board (See below). I knew you could spot value when you see it<LOL>. I see the grifter gang has been joined by the likes of milespoofman, TOUCH_KATHY & a bunch of other stragglers & gadflies who have all the answers all of a sudden.

    What a difference a day makes huh: One day the grifter gang cowers in silence as the stock makes a nice run, the next day they are back in full force including reinforcements with funky handles. Yesterday they were eerily quiet; Today they have all the answers after NEW tanked the sector. It's funny how those things work<LMAO>. I'd love to see them put everything they have into an NFI short here. Put up or shut up as they say.

    But I digress. Now that I know you are on board, I think we are due for a sustained run.

    "Well... in this sector i'm attempting a scalp job on NFI with some in the money calls. They've been beaten up even worse then NEW, but over a longer period, so i'm thinking a little stealth rally there like they hand before NEW blew up and took the whole sector with them. NFI has not issued any bad new, warnings, etc.. and is "allegedly" the best sub-primer"

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    • Hey, Smooth, I recall you from IMH. An informed professional as I recall.
      I am no finesse. I figure the same scenario is happening here.
      REITs went big last year, but the interest was in commercial.
      If its a div play, earnings down, div has to drop. Thinking lower earnings, and praying for a better spread to compensate sounds like hope, and hoping has no place in intelligent investing. The yield can't hold. Basic. When its cut, shares could drop to 12 pps, with a 10% yield. exploding star. Go figure....

      NOTHING earns 30% for long...

    • now if he can only get the oldman to join the long side, it could work.