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  • charlie_ponzi_and_his_scheme charlie_ponzi_and_his_scheme Oct 3, 2007 1:02 PM Flag

    Earlier it was the Dreman hype, now it's Goldman


    Remember what became of the "Dreman owns 2 million shares" hype attempt? He sold his entire position as the longs were desperately trying to hype the Dreman position!

    Same game today, different players.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • I love how jhaheed attempts to cover his mistakes with school-yard type insults.

      To the mature, this is a clear admission of guilt.

    • Can't see the flaw hey?

      Your so flustered with your investment stupidity you delve into a diatribe of gibberish in a poor attempt at a smoke screen to cover your inability to see your obvious mistake.
      Diagnosis: Dumb.

      Sorry jhaheed, but the chance was given.

      p.s. I know its hard sometimes to come to terms with a bad investment strategy, but the trick is to be honest with yourself and just move on.

    • Reading these posts is like scheduling a vasectomy.

    • once again you make zero sense. Hey why don't you go meet those 40 virgins! I don't speak with terrorist...consider me your local social scene...YOU ARE IGNORED (except for when you pump my gas) USA!USA!USA!!! See I always get the last word...USA!USA!USA!

    • I love how this tool corrects grammar and goes on to make no sense:
      "unless of course you were not tell the truth."

      those who live in sand houses...

    • He is your chance to show us that you're not dumb.

      Your famous post (a real beauty) indicates that you are:
      Re: All you new stockroaches should send your old 27-Sep-07 01:20 pm

      <<I would be surprise if Ahmadinejad is also short NFI. The pace to be if your an idiot. >>

      Please learn the English language before posting. I have no phucking idea what these two sentences mean.

      Did you mean to say "supprised" and "place"?


      The height of hypocrisy, no? Funny?...yeh! Dumb?...well....

      I'll give you the night to think about your last "faux pas". That should be enough time.
      I said:
      Re: Two Months ago..... 3-Oct-07 02:18 pm
      Thats right, jhaheed, Tekno_33 knows what that two months was all about. Painful. Make ya wince eh?

      What about the next two months?
      Well, I'm selling some around now.


      You said:
      Re: Two Months ago..... 3-Oct-07 03:46 pm
      <<I did mention that I might not be long now or in the near future just moment ago.>>

      You said you might sell some right now. Nothing definite and nothing to indicate what you will do in the future. But, by saying that you might sell some now it tells me that you do in fact have a long position right now.


      What is the obvious flaw in your last sentence, jhaheed?
      Its simple.
      I'll give you plenty of time.

    • You like "future". You supprised? heh heh heh.

      " tells me that you do in fact have a long position right now."
      No. it doesn't dummy. Comprehension not one of your strengths is it. Or are you just flustered with your position with NFI.
      Hypocrisy is a strength of yours though, isn't it.

      Re: Two Months ago..... (Not rated) 3-Oct-07 02:35
      "...on shareholder vaule, I see."

      Again, comiserations (heh heh heh) for the last two months.

    • I'm supprised (this is how you spell suprised, right jhaheed?.. heh heh heh) you don't read that well.
      I did mention that I might not be long now or in the near future just moment ago.

      Good luck with your position. I'm so sorry about the last two months. The pain must be...well.....Ooooooh.........

    • You should just cut your losses jhaheed.
      OK, you held your short position, and shorted more at $5, when you should have gone missed the bottom.
      Got NFI @ 4.91.

      Just move on, jhaheed.

    • "Oh, you don't want to consider the impact that the reverse split had on shareholder vaule, I see."

      Huh? Why else would I have bought?