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  • eqtrader_agent99 eqtrader_agent99 Jan 28, 2008 9:14 AM Flag


    Are you not just a result of Social Darwinism?

    Among mental as among bodily acquisitions, the ornamental comes before the useful. Not only in times past, but almost as much in our own era, that knowledge which conduces to personal well-being has been postponed to that which brings applause.

    � Herbert Spencer
    "Education: Intellectual, Moral, and Physical"

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    • You "scientist" continue to ramble with no proof other than maybe another that believes in evolution and condems creation, so you feel powerful & correct in numbers. The sad part is you will never feel the real presence of the lord. What is your stongest proof of todays evolution? Watching what Methanphetamine does to one over daily use for a few years? They evolve into untrusting thieving, sucked up humans that break about all Ten Of The Commandments, living a life of chaos and spiralling right down to where Satan wants them. I have seen where the lord has saved them, to never go back and live in the dark side. Without the precence of god for many of Americans (Approx 80% of america's population) to worship and accept into their lives, I am afraid this world would crumble to a living hell.(hmm I think I've seen this happening, and is it from peace living, god loving Christians?)) What will be next abolish all laws and government also because you take god out of the picture completly, everyone would live as if there are no consequences for anything they do in life and again leading the earth into total chaos! .(hmm I think I've seen this happening) Believe in evolution and be a atheist, but your superior assumptions that religion is false and only for the weak is very erogant! good luck in the future, but a word of advice, no need to pack any warm clothes. My Prayers still go out to each one of you regardless of you beliefs, do as what Jesus would have done, including not having hate for those who Condemed & Crucified him, A friend of namaste, Thomas....Rick