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  • stockkarr stockkarr Sep 15, 2009 11:59 AM Flag

    Conference news?

    Anyone listening in that can provide a recap? Sort of new to the stock, so I may listen in later today or maybe for tomorrow's conference. Just wondering if there is a Q4 catalyst upcoming - any thoughts would be much appreciated.

    Best of luck.

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    • Comments by Dr. Scangos:

      XL 184 data set as good as any he has seen in any drug at a similar stage of development.

      Positive on early data from 100 patient expansion cohort. Described it as "encouraging."

      Data at SNO (Society of Neuro-Oncology) on XL184 in October.

      AACR/EORTC end of Oct data on many compounds.

      Expects 2 more partnerships in next 12 months.

      <<Just wondering if there is a Q4 catalyst upcoming - any thoughts would be much appreciated.>>

      Perhaps another partnership, but most of the clinical data will be uncontrolled and early to mid stage data that is difficult to handicap. No pivotal data until 2011 when the XL184 MTC trial will unblind. This is a slow developing story, so patience is a necessity.

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      • Sounds interesting. The real question will be in the details of data presented at SNO in October. I would imagine that there will be a PPS rise heading into that meeting in anticipation of good data. The challenge is, as with ASCO every year, how to avoid oversetting expectations. If the data set shows multiple GBM patients with responses after progression on Avastin, I'd expect a huge bump as this potentially gives a path to registration faster than the thyroid trial. If the activity is in the range of Avastin, that would be interesting but not earth shattering (both hit VEGF). The other question that needs to be asked relates to competition. In addition to Avastin, there are other inhibitors of VEGF with activity in GBM that have enrolled phase 3 trials and could be on the market before XL184. If they present exciting data, it could steal some thunder. What is encouraging to me is that there will be a potetnial driver earlier than the AACR meeting (it is in November and I would anticipate updates on the XL147/765 programs as well as perhaps some of the BMS partnered programs- hedgehog inhibitor XL139 and raf inhibitor XL281). It may be that in addition to the market, there is earlier anticipation of encouraging data.

        Do your own diligence and good luck all.

        "The Wiz"

    • I heard it was very upbeat...the company has a cancer drug that could have a 1 billion dollar potential.

      They are deep into research and collaborations and could be getting some major mmilestone payments.

      As an aside there is an accumulation taking place ...if anything major positive comes out then you are looking at a big bump $5-$10 in my opinion...but who is to say....except if you get a hit in this field its a home run....and the companies they partner with are the best in the world

    • just listened in while working - fairly informative I thought, being new to EXEL.

      Updates coming end of October at SNO for XL184 and data on several compounds to be released at EORTC-AACR meeting in October (although I think he meant November).

      Possibility for further partnerships over the next 12 plus major data release to be coming next ASCO. Some interesting stuff mentioned - most of it over my head. If anyone caught anything significant, please post!

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