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  • macj921 macj921 Dec 3, 2012 8:24 PM Flag

    Rich Smith from Motley fool ....definitely a Short

    The article by Rich Smith from Motley Fool......for the "not too savvy investor" will be fooled by these articles and sell off thus making it better for the Shorts. His article makes no sense~!
    For those new to this game: don't take what you read on this board as anything set in stone; please do your own DD and research!
    Imagine the lipitor market alone; it generated over $600 MILLION LAST YEAR!~ It's not even an Oncology drug!
    Let's look at Plavix; it generated over $6 BILLION IN REVENUE for bristol Myers last year! Guess what, PLavix is only 6% more effective than an ASPIRIN!
    Again, I am just attempting to give our readers a clue as to the Goldmine that lies with Exelixis and its approval. Don't get swayed by the nonsense in these articles! Since when are they looking out for You the investor. I am not telling you to buy or sell; i am merely getting you to do your own thinking.

    I made over 25 G's with Arena. I am hoping for a
    pull back on ARNA to grab shares; I don't plan to touch it until it hits $6....who knows? it may never pull back that far. (sorry for the tangent).
    Just as there are resistance to antibiotics, so it is with Chemotherapy. CABO hits several different receptor sites and this is why we believe it will be efficacious in the Prostate cancer patient.The Exel team already knows it works; list to their conference calls and review their phase two studies~
    Do your own research; afterall, its your money!
    Goodluck to you all; hope we all prosper!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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