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  • enabeler enabeler Dec 5, 2012 5:07 PM Flag

    The only explanation is "Bizarro World".

    If you're old enough to remember Bizarro World in the Superman comic books you will understand that Exelixis has been put through the "duplicator ray" which produces Htrae (Earth spelled backwards) and in our case it's Sixilexe. To change this Superman has to circle the Htrae backwards fast enough to reverse the rotation and bring Earth back to it's proper axis and then Sixilexe can go back to being Exelixis @ $12.

    BTW, the same goes for the "fiscal cliff", we need Superman to rescue the Earth from itself. If Superman doesn't show up soon we're all #$%^&*.

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    • BTW, this from today MF: Is this Bizzarro or what?

      "Exelixis (NASDAQ: EXEL )
      Clearly I must be on crazy pills, because Exelixis received an FDA approval for Cometriq (formerly cabozantinib) last week for the treatment of metastatic medullary thyroid cancer, or MTC for you long-disease-name-ophobes, and the stock actually dropped! Are we in another universe here? Because the data that caused its approval was insanely good!

      Late-stage data on Cometriq showed that relative to the placebo it nearly tripled progression-free survival to 11.2 months from four months and it demonstrated a very good 28% response rate compared to zilch, zero, nada for the placebo. With figures like this, it's all but assured that Cometriq is going to squash AstraZeneca's (NYSE: AZN ) Caprelsa, which gained FDA approval last year as an MTC treatment, and take nearly the entire sum of the 2,250 MTC cases diagnosed within the U.S. annually. I understand that a drug's success can be vastly different when comparing it to different types of cancers, but I'm having a hard time not seeing Cometriq gaining additional indications given its data and the incredible safety profile of the treatment."

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