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  • sasnik9 sasnik9 Dec 6, 2012 8:08 AM Flag


    How about a stock buy back? You have over $600 million in cash on the balance sheet...Show us you believe you are undervalued at $4 and change...

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    • Pretty sure that's not in the cards, given that they just did a Capital Raise via Commion Shares Issue just a few months ago. Addressed the lack of funding to cover burn rate through addtional Phase 3 trials and make the compny a takeover target. If ya want to wish for something, think in terms of Double Digit buyout.

      Not sure how this will work now that they have signed an exclusive distribution agrrement unless there is an escape hatch for them in case of takeout by another "Big" pharma.


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    • I completely agree, give us something to get excited about. Show us investors confidence in the company. This just might give Morresey a little more credibiltiy. At present, I think he needs to be replaced. Any lower and this company will be taken for its cash alone.

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      • Pretend you are big Pharma right now. You get your number cruncher to look over EXEL situation. You got over 600 million in cash, an approved drug with sales coming, and huge potential, along with all kinds of other agreements, where milestone and royalty payments could reach 5 BILLION. To even get a drug to approval costs hundreds of millions of dollars currently. Your current franchise drugs are either out of time on Patent or approaching that point. So what do you do? Do you finance your own programs at a cost of hundreds of millions per potential drug? Do you use your stock to buy the likes of an EXEL, especially when the market pushes down the price and large blocks are in the hands of potential sellers? The cost, net of cash held by EXEL now is peanuts, and you get to push CABO along with other programs for way less than your costs would normally be. Again, do not discount, as many would have you believe here, who are probably short term trader shorts, that a bid could not come anytime. It can, because this is a very real target that ANY large Pharma would like to own, and some of them are already partnered here!! Do your DD.

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