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  • ludgateinsurance ludgateinsurance Dec 12, 2012 10:48 PM Flag

    Exel:3 big BUYs start of AH 180,000 shares and 225,000 at $4.90 and 18,000 at $4.89..shorts unloading?

    any ideas

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    • Just do your DD and put it all together. This stock is headed for one of two things. It either gets bought out at a very healthy premium to today's pricing or the price trends steadily higher for the foreseeable future. No matter how folks spin it they are in a fantastic position. The franchise 100% OWNED, CABO, along with multiple additional potential, with plenty of cash on hand, puts this in a class of its own right now. I have said: own it, do NOT get shaken out by the volatility, as many probably just did, whereas with DD they would have been BUYING NOT SELLING.
      This has everything going for it you want in a biotech. Do not get fooled by the blithering nonsense the shorts put out here and elsewhere. Do your DD, seriously. THEN do whatever you like. But blame nobody but yourselves if you miss this golden opportunity, as it is and has been available for some time now. The future: I see buyout at $12 plus, or it moves to well over $20 over next 24 months. I am happy to just have my shares and watch this unfold. I actually have had a real laugh or two at some of the nonsense here based on nothing but short term trading volatility, which has and is to be expected. Nothing at all to do with the end game. Want to catch a stock under $5 that has every chance of going up and continuing to do so for YEARS. This is one.IMO The only way you catch them, is being positioned. OR you watch and say, why did I miss that, or get washed out when there was some volatility. Just look at any big cap biotech stocks pattern from the very beginning. Those that bought low and held, made the big money. EOS

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