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  • wilderguide wilderguide Dec 22, 2012 6:03 PM Flag

    On the Horizon: Cabo for bone mets in advanced PC


    Joel Nowak of advancedprostratecancerdotnet published on the JCO P2 study again on 12/13/12. Dunno what kind of following he has, but he's published some positive stuff in the past.
    I suspect he likes the Cabo story...

    "Cabozantinib had the most significant effect on tumors of the bones. What is very significant is that cabozantinib is already FDA approved for use in thyroid cancer under the brand name Cometriq, but its use in prostate cancer is still considered investigational. Given is fact, if ever presented to the FDA for approval as a treatment to fight advanced prostate cancer it should be easier to obtain approval as it has already been accepted as a safe drug. All it would need to prove is its efficacy."

    Nothing new - but as we wallow in the doldrums, I'm just looking for whatever the media provides.
    Safe holidays to all...


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    • Thanks for that info. I could really use it as I am definitely, as you say, in the doldrums with this stock. But I haven't lost faith and believe strongly in the long term story.

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      • It is incredible to me that some of you are so fixated on the day to day, even minute to minute year end volatility here. This is NOT complicated at all, it is just spun by various folks to fool those who can be manipulated or many who think they can predict the short term gyrations. Look. The drug got approved, and ANYONE who does any DD at all knows, the market for its first indication was relatively small, but has huge implications. The bigger markets lie ahead, and to date have fabulous results, and with approval already in place for the one use, are odds on to get approval and off label use. Any DD will indicate that is the case.
        The company has NEVER been in better shape, with huge cash cushion, deals possible from strength, 100% ownership and control of CABO, and there is insider buying now. Think they do not know what lies ahead??? Just check out who those buyers are and ask why they are buying NOW. Like always with stocks, the REAL money goes to those who are on the right side of the longer unfolding stories. If you want to catch one of these rising stars, you have to be positioned early to make the big money. Look at ANY successful company, especially in this sector. Volatility, games surrounding money raises, worry, and focus often on micro issues prevail short term, with incredible nonsense often posted from the "Chicken Little Crew" or vested shorts, while long term the end results are related to the product outcomes. Here, again, CABO is a FRANCHISE situation. It means probably, not just possibly, that EXEL will generate BILLIONS from this drug, AND they have much other stuff on the go, which also rarely gets focused on. When short term folks trade on the day to day stuff, like fiscal cliff, year end balancing and try and put a negative spin on what is obviously a VERY GOOD situation, you accumulate and hold. You are getting handed an incredible opportunity to own what just may be the best biotech performance for 2013 to 2015 IMO. It actually IS that simple.IMO BUT you have to REALLY be a long term, or in this case at least a medium term investor, IMO, to catch the seriously big moves up that are coming. I for one, do not care what it does short term. Of course it would be nice if tomorrow it rockets up, but it is not the basis of my investment. It is ALL about the unfolding huge future and what that means to the CAP and shareprice over time. My estimate is over $25 minimum, with my belief that with the franchise the price will actually go well over $40, unless a buyout offer comes very soon and someone can steal the company. Play it anyway you like, but getting frustrated and making emotional moves based on nothing more than volatility itself is not a smart move in my opinion. Enjoy Christmas and the New years folks, and think about the fact that some of you own, perhaps the best performer for next year and the year after that as well! We shall see.

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      • Seeking Alpha or Motley Fools writers are basically day traders most of who have inadequate knowledge to do what they are supposed to do and, hence, have no crdedibility.

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