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  • erniewerner erniewerner Dec 28, 2012 9:57 AM Flag

    I'll get you my pretty...and yer little dog too!

    "Everytime I visit this board lately, I feel surrounded by stockmaven (Nomad?)" He's just acting out because his ARQL trade is running against him. He'll come around and revert to his likable self soon enough. I liked Tooter Turtle, but my favorite time travelers were Mr. Peabody and his pet boy, Sherman.

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    • "...his ARQL trade is running against him..."

      Huh? ARQL is acting just fine here, Ernie. In fact, it's a buy the dips stock when the opportunity presents itself. It's chart is bullish, unlike EXEL' chart which is firmly bearish. You must possess just a little patience on trades, Ernie. You should know that better than anyone on this've been holding EXEL for what...three years?
      ...with absolutely nothing to show for it. You haven't made a dime in EXEL in three years as it remains one of the few stocks hovering near its 3 year lows in a giant pool of stocks that have exploded higher in that time. Now you wanna try and call me out because ARQL hasn't broken up and out in a couple weeks time? Now THAT'S funny! Go get 'me tiger! ;-)

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      • "Bump :-)" See there's the smiling face now.

        "Huh? ARQL is acting just fine here, Ernie." Well unless you've changed your trade, you said you were waiting for a breakout above $3 with a stop at $2.55. You came within a penny of getting stopped out this morning.

        "you've been holding EXEL for what...three years? ...with absolutely nothing to show for it." You've got me on that one. I have had a position for 3 years, but it was in the fall of 2010 that it became a major holding. I never expected for it to drag out this long, but here we are and now I expect to let the story unfold for another 18 months on top of the 2-3 years.

        "Now you wanna try and call me out because ARQL hasn't broken up and out in a couple weeks time?" ARQL was the bait, we just missed your sweet dispositon and wondered what you were up to.

      • That is the whole point right now, thanks for pointing it out to folks. EXEL is on its lows, while news is ALL good. Undervalued, with little downside, and huge upside. No matter how anyone spins this, they will see cash flows increase this year from their now approved drug, and probable domination of what is, yes, a small market, but still hundred million dollar plus annual, without any add on off label use (only question is how big that grows as further evidence of its effectiveness keeps coming) and much other news on expanding field of potential and future approvals as well as current partnerships, deals and possible takeover bids. Cashed up, ready for huge markets where they OWN 100% of rights. There is absolutely not any chance this company is going away, the ONLY question really is how big it gets. Play it anyway you like folks, but to believe some of the nonsense here from obvious shorts, who are also short term traders, is a joke. You make money by buying low, not buying stocks that have spiked up multiples. Do your DD here, and look at results, balance sheet, cash flows coming and huge obvious unfolding potential of the CABO franchise. Its a buy, but wait if you like and pay more in 2013. Or go ahead, short it with the crazy crew at the lows, and see how well you do.LOL

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Ernie,

        Should read...

        Go get 'em tiger! ;-)

        Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! LOL

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