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  • ulingt ulingt Jan 11, 2013 4:28 PM Flag

    Hold the Press- Short Interest Update

    First a quick comment on your often use of LOL. Can you possibly use a more, juvenile, teeny bopper, valley girl, hackneyed, momma girly boy expression that that? OMG . woo hoo! look at me??
    Second comment. Why you loathe the long investors so much is beyond me. Your explanations are always wrapped up in some short term technical analysis. And as you know I don't judge these analysis's as I just don't know much about technicals.
    But you always do seem to avoid this question I have asked again and again..

    I am a long investor. IF you were as well, you would likely believe in the science. Do you an i f not, much like you ridicule those who don't know the technicals, (It's not rocket science) tell me what about the science is flawed?
    The market the science addresses is huge, possibly $Billions? Do you disagree with the market size?
    So if I believe that some day all the trials will be positive for EXEL, if I believe that when they do that EXEL will either reap those benefits in an equally large way
    Or if I believe that when they do that EXEL itself will become a very attractive company for a a possible buy out
    And as a long investor I an willing to be patient...What the F**** do you care?
    And if you disagree with my reason for being long, why not offfer a counter argument against the science, against the market, against the potential?

    You don't, only your little "I am king of short term trading and the rest of you don't know squatt", nonsense. LOL

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