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  • duckduffer duckduffer Jan 11, 2013 11:02 AM Flag

    Hold the Press- Short Interest Update

    In an astonishing turn of events...short interest declined during the latest period by over 2M shares...and all this during a period in which the share price declined from $4.71 to $4.57...holy that a completely diabolical nonsensical manipulation to the nth degree...or ...perhaps...some shorts booked year end profits to pump up their short fund performance while during the same period even more longs booked year end losses for the sake of a few saved tax dollars. Really really hard to say...and even more meaningless. There is also a chance they just counted them up wrong :)
    Here's the data.

    Settlement Date_____Short Interest_____Avg Daily Share Volume_____Days To Cover


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    • folks still don't get how this game is played. There is a reason why EXEL is, and has been, dead money for "the little folk" for a long, long time. You folks continue to scratch your collective heads, try and come up with all sorts of rationalizations, and have your heads buried deep, DEEP, in the sand as to what is happening behind the scenes when it comes to the stock and its PPS. You can;t say you weren't educated on the subject a long time ago by yours truly.

      At the end of this year, you will all still be here, still scratching your heads, still trying to make sense of things as you check on your PPS daily...hoping one day, you wake up to some major explosion upward because of a buyout. You've done it for the better part of THREE YEARS, folks. You may want to give serious thought about buying lotto tickets on a weekly basis instead...odds might be better as long as MM remains at the helm.

      ....just sayin'.

      • 4 Replies to nomad_celcius12
      • And do you expect to be taken seriously, just a reminder....

        Nomad's TA history while EXEL was on its way up from 3 to 12.
        Shortly after ernie's post (reproduced below) our resident TA aficionado stopped posting as bushido and began using nomad, in an apparent attempt to disassociate himself from his spectularly wrong predictions.

        Bushido 3 Sep “The bounce back to the $3.80 level is simply suckering in new "investors" as general equities do the same. Short EXEL as close to $4.00 as possible. Easy $$$$$$$$”
        Bushido 9 Sep “As long as the idiots at Motley Fool remain "ultra bullish" on EXEL, the stock has very little change at sustaining any pop upward. Short the rallies every 15% up. Easy $$$$$”
        Bushido 21 Sep “GARBAGE. EXEL will be trading back in the $2's within 3 months.”
        Bushido 22 Sep “EXEL is going up in sympathy with the overall markets. Period. The company is #$%$.”
        Bushido 23 Sep “EXEL will be in the low $3's shortly (no pun intended).”
        Bushido 3 Dec “EXEL has gone up way too much, too fast. EXEL has topped out (clearly stalled) and will drop back as the market pulls in.”
        Bushido 3 Dec “...this board is on BULLISH OVERDRIVE with talk of imminent buyouts, crazy short term $50 price targets if they go it alone without buyout, etc. Another classic sign the stock has likely topped!”
        Bushido 7 Dec “Will fall back along with market. market put in a nice topping candle today. Will fill gap. EXEL has gone up too far, too fast in recent weeks. period. Not rocket science.”
        Bushido 10 Dec “Not a real bullish close, well off the highs. EXEL getting real long in the tooth here.”
        Bushido 13 Dec “Hahahahahaha....I told ya that EXEL was VERY long in the tooth as far as PPS was concerned. Amgen thinks so too. Back to reality for EXEL. This board is full of buyout hype talk. Classic :)
        Bushido 14 Dec “EXEL has gone up WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too far, too fast. Time for a pullback. It's called law of gravity.”
        Bushido 14 Dec ‘EXEL printing a real nice TOPPING candle today. .."Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered" Classic!”
        Bushido 14 Dec “No matter how you try to slice and dice it, the charts don't lie. EXEL has seen the top and now it's time for a nice pullback.”
        Bushido 14 Dec “Don't worry about your eyes, clem. You need to worry about your bank account now! EXEL putting in a huge engulfing bearish topping candle this morning. Sorry pal.”
        Bushido 15 Dec “Not just anyone would make such a large bet with options...has to be "someone is the know". The person knows EXEL will be falling real soon and has no chance of hitting that $9.00 mark.”
        Bushido 22 Dec “You're just kicking yourself because you failed to sell at the top and let greed get the better of you. You keep thinking buyout if it makes you feel better...LOL!!”
        Bushido 30 Dec “One thing is certain...EXEL is about to embark on a very OVERDUE pullback. This chart tells it all. Buckle up :)”
        Bushido 31 Dec "Ya got it all wrong, kiddo. LOOKS LIKE YOU ARE CAUGHT HOLDING THE BAG!! I gave you plenty of warning "bro." It's your own greed that caused you to hold.."

      • Nomad
        First a quick comment on your often use of LOL. Can you possibly use a more, juvenile, teeny bopper, valley girl, hackneyed, momma girly boy expression that that? OMG . woo hoo! look at me??
        Second comment. Why you loathe the long investors so much is beyond me. Your explanations are always wrapped up in some short term technical analysis. And as you know I don't judge these analysis's as I just don't know much about technicals.
        But you always do seem to avoid this question I have asked again and again..

        I am a long investor. IF you were as well, you would likely believe in the science. Do you an i f not, much like you ridicule those who don't know the technicals, (It's not rocket science) tell me what about the science is flawed?
        The market the science addresses is huge, possibly $Billions? Do you disagree with the market size?
        So if I believe that some day all the trials will be positive for EXEL, if I believe that when they do that EXEL will either reap those benefits in an equally large way
        Or if I believe that when they do that EXEL itself will become a very attractive company for a a possible buy out
        And as a long investor I an willing to be patient...What the F**** do you care?
        And if you disagree with my reason for being long, why not offfer a counter argument against the science, against the market, against the potential?

        You don't, only your little "I am king of short term trading and the rest of you don't know squatt", nonsense. LOL

      • This poster stated at the lows end Dec. that EXEL was not going up at all, and was obviously short. The price then rose about 15% on no news and is still up since then about 10%. The point is, the shorts can babble on but the trend is up, with everything unfolding positively. Every time this pulls back a few cents we get the usual suspects posting nonsense. Buy and accumulate, in my opinion, on these pull backs, after doing your own DD. Or trade the pattern if you like to play and think you can outsmart the micro moves. But do not kid yourselves, the big money here is measured in potential of multiples of current price. Expect volatility, and use it to your advantage, especially when you have a scenario like this, where the trend over the next years will be up big.IMO

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • I should clarify the "dead money" comment as it was directed at the "long term holders" of EXEL...not traders :)

    • $$$$

      "There is also a chance they just counted them up wrong :)"

      Now, duffer...that's cute!
      I gotta ask - How do you count up shares that don't exist...?
      Next round of IH figures might provide some clues, eh?

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