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  • nomad_celcius12 nomad_celcius12 Jan 17, 2013 1:38 PM Flag

    think its time to depart from this MB

    The infestation is the work of only a few Hedge Fund lackeys who are working hard to make MB über bullish as their boss continues to short. They are low level minions getting paid peanuts but believe it or not, their job is an integral part of the game and the success toward more profitable trades by the ports that be. Been there, done that :-)

    EXEL remains in the stranglehold of the hedge fund who is short 40 million shares. Dead $$$$ until 80% of that is covered. Zero chance of buyout at this juncture as EXEL remains an open book for the HF in control. Information is king in this game and the HF has all the info. No risk. Nada. Just more $$$$$$. Chart remains bearish. EXEL remains an avoid until HF moves on..which won't be anytime soon. Lots of other stocks in beautiful setups out there that are breaking up and out. GL on your future endeavors!

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    • "The infestation is the work of only a few Hedge Fund lackeys who are working hard to make MB über bullish as their boss continues to short." You and buysignal are bookends. In all respects identical except for being mirror images of each other. Yin and yang.

      "EXEL remains in the stranglehold of the hedge fund who is short 40 million shares." Here we go. Would that be the hedge fund that is also long 5 million shares? "Chart remains bearish." Unlike that uber bullish chart on Arqule floating along below every MA and EMA known to mankind and otherwise?

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      • LOL.. Good one Ernie, I think that is called Isomeric. I don't comment often but do read the posts that IOP offer value. There are a handful of you who provide information re the science, comments from those involved w clinicals and I thank you for that. Others, have to much time on their hands.

      • If you think I am the identical twin of NOMAD seek help. It very simple really, so quit making it sound complicated. I am long, think the stock is manipulated, but in fact at this juncture doing longs a favor, because there is now nowhere to hide from the unfolding very favorable story, other than for a trader moment. For those who can handle the volatility and stay invested and focused on the medium to long term, I believe huge rewards come their way, but the games will continue, with the object of trying to frustrate those willing to be squeezed out. Say whatever, but I find it hilarious that people actually spend their time trying to twist what I actually say, into the opposite. One might wonder why? LOL

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • $$$$

        This MB begins to remind me of an old Joe Walsh album title that I really enjoyed as a youngster " The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get..." circa 1973.

        The more unsettling the dynamics of the trade, the greater my tenacity. I held thru rough patches for good results in INHX & HGSI...and I don't see any reason to step out of this trade, particularly given that there appear to be many that want my shares on the cheap.

        If ever there an argument to be made for blatant PPS contrivance...this is it. If the SEC were worth their weight in horse puckey, they'd be all over this sort of contrived manipulation. There oughta be laws...

    • A complete crock of shyte from nomad. If the "Hedge Fund" is continuing to short as he states, imagine the position they are in, with nobody going to sell them the stock to cover. One day, its the Private Placement holder covering his position, next its a hedge fund short 40 million shares. I hope he is right about the hedge fund, as we will see one of the biggest short squeezes ever, if that is the case. Time is not on their side, if that is true, its on the longs side, as where exactly does he think they are EVER going to find the 40 million shares as the good news just keeps on coming????
      Do you think ROCHE or GENENTECH are going away? How about the CABO FRANCHISE, think that is going anywhere, but producing more and more revenue and expanded applications. The B + S artists here folks, is NOMAD, who in reality is probably the very person he says he is not. What is that? A guy hired to try and keep folks from buying, and get some to sell. Think about it, before being so quick to think others are in some convoluted theory where they say they are long, and he says they are short. Does that actually make ANY SENSE at all????
      Buy, accumulate and hold. The trading games are going to get crushed and the value will overwhelm any real shorts, if not already covered, as would be the case of the Private Placement theory. BUT, do not forget, that either way, either somebody has to cover big time, OR stock that overhung the market, is in effect already sold.
      Forget the petty stuff about who is who, who posts under what names. THINK about why on good news and up market days the shorts are so desperate to keep the price down. Then look at the unfolding story and draw your own conclusions. I say clearly: this is going up for long term investors, and for traders, play it as you like. I do both! But understand where the odds are in terms of long term growth and share price. Way higher. So get fooled out if you like, but blame nobody but yourselves if you miss the huge run up when it happens.IMO

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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