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  • erniewerner erniewerner Jan 18, 2013 3:04 PM Flag


    Since you ask, let me straighten it out. Nomadbuysignal is certainly our most prolific mb contributor, but few know anything about his personal life. What many do not realize is the this poor creature is the result of a matter/antimatter clash left in the wake of the starship Enterprise as it left our time period in pursuit of the Borg Collective. Instead of leaving us 7 of 9 we are stuck with the permanently conjoined and yet fractionated chimeric creature currently inhabiting our EXEL mb. The poor beast initially found employment in the entertainment industry with Jim Henson. However, the disruptive influence on the star performer (Buysignal telling the frog to do it with the pig and Nomad telling him it was a poor investment) led to his expulsion. His early career can be seen by searching Jim Henson The Two-Headed Monster. Nomad is the one with the downward pointing horns. Together they are now chained to a two-seated desk situated in the bowels of 200 West St in Lower Manhattan. Their new employer, Mr B, occasionally visits them in the utility room and pays them by the word with dog biscuits. Nomad has a black computer and Buysinal has a white one. Sometimes they switch. Each does their best to outdo the other by sucking in the unwary with sulblimely inaccurate arguments representing opposing spectrums of incredulity. Buysignal colorfully describes his hallucinations of imminent wealth while Nomad cunningly sows doubt and plants seeds of fear and misgiving. We are truly fortunate to have their perspectives to mold our opinions.

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    • Don't feed the trolls. :)

    • Ernie. A fine performance. But one must clear up a couple of things. First: my opinions always say do your own DD and check out the FACTS I present, and, if you like, then you can consider my opinions or not, as the case may be. I am not spinning some fantasy tail about wedgy hedgy, saying longs are short, and shorts are long promoters, and this guy is working for some hedge fund, every time anything contradicts the negative spin from some folks. I am, without a doubt, enthusiastic and LONG. So one can take that into consideration. But the FACTS REMAIN as stated, when stated as facts. The opinions are just that. The price expectations are my opinion only. Seems very hard to get this simple concept across. Anybody wonder why? It couldn't be, that the very folks who cry fowl and say others are working for someone, actually are one of two things: shorts, or working for a hedge fund themselves. Or is it both???

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      • "But the FACTS REMAIN as stated, when stated as facts."

        Okay, then tell us again about "the results on Prostate, where they got 100% response, seriously folks, that IS incredible." Or how Cabo for MTC will "take nearly the entire sum of the 2,250 MTC cases diagnosed within the U.S. annually." And one of my favorites is less a stated fact than a question "Show me a case where an approval came and there was a sell off. You are stretching credibility a bit with your slant." "FACT: EXEL owns 100% of CABO..." At least this is forgivable because it is not commonly known. EXEL owns 97% of Cabo.

        If you don't care if you are perceived as a buffoon then carry on. If it does matter, then get your FACTS right and fly straight. Tighten up your DD to come up with reasonable conclusions. You've lucked into a good investment, but you are mucking up the works with your irrational pumping. And drop the infantile added identities

      • $$$$

        I've said it before, and I reiterate...
        No matter how far you matter where you go...
        You can't buy this kinda comedy.
        Y'all are the best!!
        Let's hope we all make some dough somewhere downstream...

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