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  • nomad_celcius12 nomad_celcius12 Jan 18, 2013 3:08 PM Flag

    Ernie, Wilder, Enabler, Buysignal, et al... you guys get together on a quarterly basis for dinner? A quasi support group of sorts? Between the four of you, it makes up 90% of the posts on this MB. Biggest cheerleaders of EXEL. Each and every one of you married to the stock (a big "no no" in this game...something you clearly haven't learned yet, but the vast majority don't).

    Have any of you paid a visit to the EXEL "campus" lately off of Grand Ave. in SSF? Can you say GHOST TOWN? It's eerie, really. There you have have 4 or five big buildings...a glass bridge connecting two of them...and the parking lots are nearly EMPTY. They have sub-leased some space to other biotech's (Threshold), but in large part the buildings are empty.

    Now, look across the will see ONYX. A superior biotech company lead by an extremely TALENTED management team from the top down...and the stock price reflects it. They are building a NEW CAMPUS they are expanding so fast! Wonder how MM and Co. feel as they park in "ghost town" every morning (while their stock price languishes at FOUR DOLLARS and change) and having to watch the hot buzz across the street at ONYX and the new construction going on. Must suck for MM...until he gets his massive paycheck that is. LOL

    GL to each and every one of you holding EXEL. I'll leave you to your cheerleading here. You have all been educated in the way the game is played, but you all chose to ignore it. The result? Well, you know what it is and you are reminded of it daily. Best of luck to you all. Hope you end up making a killing one day and feel vindicated. Buysignal will show you the way! :-)

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    • PS.
      Obviously, "buysignal" is married to the stock and this MB for a very different reason than the other three. He is a hedge fund lackey pretending to be bullish on the stock while his boss shorts it. Very common (and old) tactic by HF's. Nevertheless, he will be labels a "cheerleader" regardless because of his posts and their content...regardless of authenticity :-)

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      • I like the stock no doubt. But I am married only to my wife, thank goodness. The difference between my wife and you for example Nomad, is she just F****S me, while you on the other hand work at doing that to everyone by promoting nonsense, spun like it is truth. My stated facts are easily verified. How about your assertions? Can anyone check them out and confirm? Lets see: your theories, uh du, no, of course. You put out endless #$%$ about who I am, and fact is you do not have a clue, obviously. Again: I am a fairly wealthy (high net worth) person who manages and invests my own money, as I see it. That is how I got it in the first place. It is so straight forward. I am LONG.
        I have a bit of time now, and post on this board my opinions. It is that simple. For you, beyond your imagination. Any read of the posts would indicate you are the short, and I am the long. I do not suggest anyone part with their stock, on the contrary, buy, hold and accumulate, is MY OPINION.
        Keep up the spin. You lose for two reasons:
        The facts back me up.
        My opinion is as stated.
        There is no twist to this. Its that simple.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • More shyte from Nomad. First, it is easy to spend money and have little to show for it, other than shiny buildings and such. Spending is easy in this sector. The hard part is getting the deals, the approvals, investment on great terms, and still having a fantastic balance sheet. Oh, I almost forgot, EXEL has all that and more. Once again: ALL one has to do is check out the FACTS, not listen to some desperate attempt, now to describe the office (what a joke), and get off focus.
      Net cash and balance sheet at EXEL EXCELLENT. They could buy a building if they wanted to, but prefer to spend the money wisely on the projects that will make them money. That is why they own100% of CABO and other stuff.
      Potential huge: FACT Whether partnerships, CABO franchise and other products in or entering trials.
      CABO cash flow, from approval starts THIS YEAR. FACT
      FACT: this stock has a long history of trading EVERY YEAR for over 10 years up and down but EVERY YEAR has gone well above $6.
      Today, arguably in better shape than ever, we are trading under $5. Any look at 10 year and longer will verify this FACT. Think it will not trade and go far higher this year? Then short it. And we will see who has it right.
      Nomad: cover your short! IMO

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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