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  • weightbayou weightbayou Jan 26, 2013 6:47 PM Flag

    Can Cabo be used off label for prostate cancer?

    Thanks in advance.

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      What follows is from an earlier post of mine (the one addressing the recent JCO publication). There are a lot of mixed opinions wrt off-label prescription, and I personally feel that CRPC is a very crowded space right now, with lots of treatment options. Insurance reimbursement would appear to be a large obstacle to near-term off-label use in CRPC...but evidence-based decision making will likely cut it's own regulatory path...providing the positive data flow keeps moving in the right direction.

      "Not to underplay the continued celebration of these great ASCO 2011 P2 RDT results - nor to overplay the importance of these results receiving due recognition in a prestigious peer-reviewed journal... I believe this is a very important & necessary step in the process of NCCN compendia listing and the possibility of off-label prescription in CRPC.

      Unless I'm mistaken, if there actually were to be any hope for near-term off-label prescription of Cabo in CRPC...this JCO article would be foremost amongst the peer-reviewed data necessarily cited by the prescribor in an attempt to solicit insurance imbursement. I guess we'll see how this data is digested my the medical community over the next few quarters. Further positive trial data in CRPC can only bolster the argument for off-label use with hope of insurance imbursement. In this regard, the ground work is being laid...

      I realize EXEL cannot advertise toward a goal of off-label prescription... but neither should they be able to hide off-label revenues from the accounting office. As many mixed inputs as we've seen on this MB wrt off-label use, it'll be interesting to see how this plays out."


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      • The answer is, yes it can be used, off label. Will it be? If you are going to die and there is nothing available that works like this appears to, what would you do, if you are informed about this product? This is a new age, where patients can press doctors to answer questions about possible information beneficial to them, and seemingly not considered. Every shareholder should spread the word to patients and/or related people connected to anyone, in any way regarding CABO results, for METS. Believe me, Prostate Cancer patients will be interested.
        Anyone who thinks they will not be, is simply daft. One thing we see today is just how fast information can spread through the internet web sights.

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