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  • breezerwave breezerwave Feb 11, 2013 9:28 PM Flag

    Study of Cabozantinib (XL184) Versus Prednisone in Men With Metastatic Castration-resistant Prostate Cancer Previously Treated With Docetaxel and Abiraterone or MDV3100 (COMET-1)

    Recruiting still. It will be interesting should we get some preliminary updates this year as to how these trials are going. If the results are like the results with MTC, the efficacy should end up being pretty apparent. Given the multiple trials of cabo in trial certainly some other cancers should benefit.

    I am looking forward to Exel being like Medivation and PCYC. Exel is certainly hiring a lot of individuals so Exel sees its business growing. See Exel's website for the list of all the job openings.

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    • "I am looking forward to Exel being like Medivation and PCYC."

      Yeah, I think that's why most of us have been here for a while, but it is really beginning to look like the powers that be have decided that they will not let EXEL and it's shareholders profit from the market valuation process that made stars out of MDVN and PCYC . They (Big Pharma like Roche or other powers that be) seem to be, in my opinion of course, hell bent on buying out EXEL at a price well below what it should be worth based on the science and potential.

      I know, I know.... I'm just a wild-eyed paranoid frustrated investor, but after over 2 years of this share price manipulation I have had just about enough....but not quite. There is still a great deal of risk in owning a small cap biotech like EXEL, but the rewards could be quite dramatic..... you know like MDVN or PCYC.

      It doesn't happen often, but it has happened.

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      • $$$$

        Here's the closing thought from the Dr Abou-Alfa commentary from Onclive today wrt MET expression in HCC. This comment was made after some discussion on a high-MET P3 trial design for tivantinib...

        "....cabozantinib as a multikinase inhibitor may not benefit from this type of trial design, since MET expression has not been validated."

        MET expression has not been validated?
        I'd not considered this before, as crizotinib has been long accepted by the clinical community - but MET is an incidental, non-primary target for crizotinib - while MET-specific TKI inhibitors like Cabo & tivantinib still are in the proof-of-concept development stage.

        Long story short - perhaps the future EXEL valuation will change to align with recognized industry standard as the concept of targeted MET inhibition makes further gains in clinical validation.

        Just a thought...


      • And why exactly would the company elect to sell out cheap at this point? Shortage of cash? Not hardly. Diminshing prospects. 2013 and 2014 present plenty of opportunity to hit it out of the park. This is a risky business and you never know what will happen, and when, with any real precision but there's one thing I'm reasonably certain of...they aren't about to give this company away. It's one thing to be a "wild-eyed paranoid" another to not think through where we are in this process. It's a long slow grind to get to where PCYC is ( I am a long time holder of PCYC x 7,000 shares ). Go back and look at the chart. It isn't straight up.

    • Well, preliminary results should be available by Fall. Most likey, it will show a significant advantage with Cabo; but, can't bet on it due to unknown side-effect issues.

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