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  • nomad_celcius12 nomad_celcius12 Feb 22, 2013 11:15 AM Flag

    Can't say you weren't warned

    Again...and again....and again...and again...

    Oye Vay! I do think, however, one (or dare I say even more than one) just might be finally grasping just how important management is to a company at the end of the day. Bearish setup in the charts has broken down this morning, as expected. Market cap should be halved before one buys. JMHO

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    • LMAO. Nomind and his fantasy trades. Trots out the moment this dog drops and sticks his nose in the air to say he told you so. what a puppet.

    • Can't say we weren't warned? Uh, no we can say that. Very nice of you to explain the charts that otherwise could have been used to foretell the decline. But no, you instead like to show us after the fact. Its the bottom of the ninth, the home team down by 3 with 2 outs. The away team brings John Doering their left closer. He immediately gives up a game winning grand slam. Then you start shooting off your mouth how they should never have brought this guy in, I told you so, they should listen to me. In the last 3-4 weks the stock slowly climbed to about $4.90. I never once saw a post from you that said, beware bearish charts, stock about to take a hit. Now you show up patting yourself on the back like you predicted the Russian asteroid. I would have liked to know of that bearish chart and your prediction so that I too could benefit from some short trading like you et. al.. I have always claimed here out loud I thought you were a smart guy (or facsimile thereof). but these boards aren't a DVR. You can't watch the show, then rewind to tell us what will happen like you always do. Why not for the benefit of all here, read your charts, analyze them, then tell us which way to go over the next day, week, month..and time stamp it. You don't need to post the chart, just tell us..before you turn on the DVR.

    • Unfortunately, Yahoo still doesn't allow links to be posted. However, the BEARISH CHART pattern has broken down as expected on solid volume this morning. Remember, on your next venture, a major "red flag" that you are holding a bearish stock is when said stock is unable to make a run in the face of a strong market rally. Those stocks will fall the hardest during the imminent correction. If the markets weren't bouncing right now, EXEL would be down 10% IMO (still may get not over), sorry folks, you were warned multiple times this week as the Hedge Fund lackeys kept up their "bullish posts" throughout the weeks using multiple aliases.

      New 52 week lows on deck for EXEL per the chart.


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      • Remember the three stooges (Wilder, Enabler and Duckduffer) constantly chiding the original oncodocbiotechwiz "The Whiz" each and ever time he posted the unbiased, objective FACTS and well-thought out scientific analysis of the pipeline? "The Whiz" was, by far, the most knowledgable poster on this board and the resident cheerleaders ("three stooges") couldn't handle what he had to say. Why? Because they were EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED to the STOCK...the #1 Golden rul in investing under "WHAT NOT TO DO".

        Safe to say the stooges continue to learn a lesson here, albeit an expensive one at that.

        Education is complete here, folks. Some of you learned and will be better investors for it...and for that, I feel vindicated. The rest of you (and you know who you are) still have much to learn. GL to each and every one of you in your future investments....and remember, a bet on any STOCK is a bet on the MANAGEMENT. Unfortunately for EXEL, there remains a management team in place that is severely lacking. 40 million shares short saw it from the beginning :)

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