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  • wilderguide wilderguide Mar 1, 2013 3:46 PM Flag

    NCCN Annual meeting revisited


    Surprise, surprise... EXEL will be at booth #5. The floor plan can be found at NCCNdotcom.
    New to the annual event are daily poster sessions, though I believe these will be closed to public viewing and I can find no forum for release outside the NCCN. Being as EXEL will be in attendance for the first time, and this being the first year that abstracts will be shown, I'm guessing MMM will try to put on a show.
    We'll see how that works.

    Dr Haddad will host a discussion on new treatments in ThyCa , Dr Kantoff will host discussion on new advances in Prostate Cancer therapy, and Dr Toni Choueiri will host discussion on new treatment logistics in RCC. Cabo is nearly certain to get a mention by each...and I mention only those that I feel might be important to Cabo. There's lots more, and this a cool, high-end professional function that all biotech investtors should explore - if only to be in touch with the perceived direction of future cancer care. Lots of heavy-hitting clinicians will be in attendance, including many oncologists that are intimately familiar with the Cabo story.

    There should be a generic quarterly procedural NCCN flash update due in March, probably right after the annual conference...and in all candor - by the 1st of May - I fully expect that Cabo will have received at least one listing in the revised compendia. Even if I'm wrong, I'm still long...

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    • $$$$

      That oughta be NCCNdotorg
      The "thumbs down" here truly amaze me...
      This is real, verifiable information based on a factual schedule of a highly recognized, authoritative organization that dictates the standard of care throughout the cancer care industry. These attending clinicians represent the thought leaders within the multiplex of fields within the entire spectrum of oncology. They sign off on Cabo and it's a done deal... They want it - they get it. Got it?
      I'm sorry, but a thumbs down here is a complete denial of reality.
      Get bent you frickin short dummies....and yes- this includes you, Gonad...
      Grand Wazoo Master of All Things Short...and yes I mean "all things"...
      Short witted, short sighted, short of vision....
      What else might be just a tad too short...????

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