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  • wilderguide wilderguide Mar 4, 2013 8:56 PM Flag

    The Charts are Very Clear....


    Hedgepappy has sought a healthier climate. He was heavily medicated. I actually think Nomad tried to snuff him with a pillow. I sure know he tuckered me out w/ his blather. It's become pretty apparent that the shorts that truly matter are slowly exiting this trade. Sure it's slow, but it's happening... I saw the absolute best term posted earlier this week - someone referred to it as a glacial pace - what a magnificantly easy pace to watch, eh?
    Kinda like watching mountains grow....

    Stockmaven888, mining_phd, buysignalinvestments, jbennett, and the Kardashian sisters are sharing genetics for a co-mutual astrologically-defined gender reassignment. How fun for them ?!?! ...and ol' Brother Nomad still resides in the descending house of the Horse's Patootie... the charts are very, very clear on this last issue. In fact, they are irrefutable.
    Further to this, if there is indeed anything tangible to be found definitively south of a Horse's Patootie,and that is what - most precisely - the charts point toward - Ol' Nomie my Homie is indeed an astrologically-defined post-sphinctoral phenomenon. How could I possibly make this stuff up?
    Just another turd on the market floor, waiting to be swept into the dustpan o' life.
    Take a valium, homeboy. Have another hit on that crackpipe. Cuz, from here on...
    You are as apt to be compelled to cover at $ you are at $4...that's why yer so very quiet.
    Yer never this quiet....unless yer ponderin' yer primary weakness. Vanity. Yup, vanity.
    Hope you & all yer short buddies in the $4.30's absolutely frickin' fry...and an especially poignant kick in the butt goes out to those that chased you into that fire. I know you like to have fresh meat, Beelezebub.
    Good luck w/ that...from here on out, I'll be changing my handle to donkeydick...
    ...and I'll always be on the lookout for the likes of you, bustlebritches... I like 'em fluffy...

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