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  • duckduffer duckduffer Mar 11, 2013 4:38 PM Flag

    Short Interest Update

    One might have anticipated a disruption to the prior 8 week trend of a slow grind down in SI. What with the upstanding research firm "The Street" dumping upon us in this period the first of what one might anticipate being a slew of forensic accounting hit pieces slated for the front half of this year, it would have been hard to imagine there not being a slight uptick in SI to help push the PPS southward. Fear not, Cometrique faithful, this is all about covering a substantial short hedge and the mechanisms of "how to cover millions of short shares w/o losing your $$$". It has little to do with science, efficacy, and/or future valuation. All IMO of course. Let the gyrations continue.

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    • Shorts know EXEL will need more cash, another secondary, unless a surprise is just around the corner that will cause lift off......

    • Look at the stupid shorties...bwahahahaha!!!! they shorted 800 thousand shares the last two weeks of febuary!!! bwahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Don't get more stipder than that!!!!!
      blast off any minute!!! Manipulation down today by scared shorties!!!!! This is easy money i call it!!!!!!!

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    • "this is all about covering a substantial short hedge and the mechanisms of "how to cover millions of short shares w/o losing your $$$"."

      We've all said, in many different ways, that the shorts are somehow manipulating the situation to facilitate their short covering efforts and now your saying that they are facilitating short covering by shorting more.

      I don't know duck, this argument (short manipulation) is getting long in the tooth. If we (MB participants) can see through this short covering strategy, why hasn't theNasdaq, SEC or management been able to put an end to it?

      With so many IH's you would think they would want to crush the shorts, but then there are those who argue that the IH's are the ones who are short because they want to be hedged and they can cover their hedge by delivering cheap stock (bot at 4.25 on secondary) and then exercising their converts to replace those shares.

      Yatta, yatta, yatta!!!!!! It's all getting very old and very tiring!

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      • 2 Replies to enabeler
      • You got that right enabler!!!!!!!!
        shorty manipulating this one biiiiiiiig time here!!!! Stupid shorties dont know when match will be lit for rocket ride to moon!!!!! you are smart to hold here!!!! Lots of smart people on this board!!!!! Exel is at bottom won't go lower much. Why? Because shorty is going to fry like worms in hot butter!!!!!!!

        launch pad set. All aboard!rocket ride to moon any moment.get on board or be left on pad!!!!!

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      • $$$$

        "Yatta, yatta, yatta!!!!!! It's all getting very old and very tiring!"

        Then hold on for the really bad news, cuz I think chances are about 50-50 that we see $4.50 again before we revisit the $5's. We can only hope for best of news to come resulting either from EXEL's presence at the NCCN annual meeting this week or the AACR next month - and neither will deliver any late-stage data likely to have a significant impact on PPS. In this regard, we really do need a surprise.

        With that said, I feel reasonably assured that the Cabo/Abi Phase 1 trial will report with a measure of positivity that has at least permitted the trial to expand into pre-chemo. They must have at least liked it well enough to pursuit it to earlier phase study, and it'll be interesting to see what dosing regimens have been decided, and what efficacies have been noted.

        The uptick in short newbies and over-emphatic longs on this MB is a persistent key to reading the impact of the SI. I can't fully explain it yet, but I'm confident you guys have noticed that the flotilla is armed and ready. Occasionally it's too distracting to even consider participation...but I'm sure that is the primary intent. Still, it can be hard to ignore...

        I still firmly believe we will see some good spin out the NCCN. It may take a few weeks beyond this week's meeting, but there are some top-notch clinicians in attendance...and EXEL will definitely be trying to sell Cometriq's bone mets effect. It'd sure be an interesting fly-on-the-wall scenario...particularly as this will be first year for exhibits.
        This - in itself - could play really, really well for EXEL...


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