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  • neverlosenyc neverlosenyc Mar 13, 2013 6:00 PM Flag

    EXEL = No Brainer

    The more I research this stock, the more I L-O-V-E it! There are 39 MILLION shares short. That is a ton of shares. a TON. All of those shares have to cover and 99% of the time, large short bets like those get taken to the cleaners at some point. Seen it time and time again. Someone else mentioned it here recently. The shorts are trapped. They cannot push it down any lower, though they try to daily. They cannot cover because it was cause price spike. So they are forced to wait in corner for the day they will wish would't have come. BUYOUT! This stock is the most undervalued stock I've seen in many a year. It is waiting to explode higher and make some people very rich. Will you be one of them or will you be left watching? The choice is yours.

    One thing is certain, it's at a bottom here. Short sellers don't have the money, or the guts, to continue playing with this one. Stinky talks about launch pads and rockets. I think it's more like a trillion ton ALIEN ship with nuclear power ready to take flight from the great depths of the seas! Once it takes off, people will marvel at it. I must admit, I'm very excited about this one. It's the biggest no-brainer I've come across in a long long time. Haven;t ben this excited firing up the computer on a daily basis for a long time too because I know that one morning SOON, there will be buyout news. Spread the word friends, make as many people as you can rich. I like to see them make money over the bankers for a change!

    Hang on, it's going to be quite a ride!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I think most shorts have their butts covered by owning the secondary at $4.25; they can short above that price with impunity since they can cover with those shares if prices happen rise on good news or gets bought out; but if they successfully call the prices to plummet which they did repeatedly, they just cover on the open market and they still get to keep this attractive low cost-basis long position. This seemed like it was a very successful strategy up until they pushed out all the nervous non-institutional investors recently.

      Now mostly institutional investors and longs in the know seem to be left and by now, they all have positions that they seem to be comfortable with risk / reward wise, and they're all waiting for news. There's not much trading volume anymore and prices aren't going to move much unless we see a revenue surprise, a takeover bid, or news on a bigger indication.

    • Nice job neverlose. You are right in that the short sellers in this stock seem to be trapped but good here. It is so severely undervalued it get my somewhat giddy too. Any day now this stock is going to explode and not look back. It's a "lock". JMO

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • No Brainer? This is right up your alley then.

    • $$$$

      "Someone else mentioned it here recently."
      Yup. I think it was you - in one of your earlier posts that said absolutely nothing...just like this one.
      If yer gonna suggest that you are doing DD on this stock, send us a reference.
      Personally, I don't think you can wipe your butt without Stevie Cohen's help...
      But - if you actually can poop & shine w/o SAC - Show it...
      Give us a us a me a sign..
      Git off the pottie you frickin' puppet...and clean up yer spoodge...

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