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  • erniewerner erniewerner Mar 25, 2013 12:34 PM Flag

    Through with this message board.

    "Shane! Come back!" Oops, I mean mj525252 come back, we need you!

    "they should talk about the firing of MM" I think I've made it clear that that I am unhappy with the way certain things, especially the last secondary were handled and I am worried about the next round in about 10-12 months. That said, message board whining is not going to change a thing. Unless institutional holders representing a significant percentage of the company band together and force changes in personnel and/or strategy, it just ain't gonna happen. So I will just keep posting my "nonesense" (sic) and bid you adieu!

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    • "Messageboard whining is not going to change a thing" Very wrong, many Companies do get feedback from their lack off, or great Management from messageboards. Infact messageboards are a great way for Management to see itself. I have always agreed that CEO has no ability to steer this ship. He has no Pilot license. Ship mate does not make you a Ship Captain. This is what I see with Morrison. He has no ability to take this Company and make it more successful that what it was when he took over the helm. I do not truct his abilities as a Problem solver or a Manager who makes things happens. He is the type that wait for things to happen on its own. Weak Management.

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      • "Weak Management"
        I disagree, management has been weak financially but has been undeniably strong in advancing the science. We have the potential to be a huge piece of the cancer puzzle and management is moving us forward in the fastest possible way that the system(FDA) allows. The problem is that management is caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to financing the future of their drugs. If they don't raise enough money they can't continue the science and the sharks (big pharma) are circling, waiting for EXEL to go under or sell out before they complete their tests.
        It's basically that simple!!!!

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    • "I get one meaningful input, I can sell the stock if I no longer want to be an owner. I buy stock in companies as investments..." If so, EXEL should not go public and should be owned by that CEO guy. Did this guy ever once buy one share from open market with his own money to show his confidence on this company? If he does not, why he is still sitting there after 3 years? Even the CMO showed much more confidence on EXEL. We do have to speak out because we are shareholders and we own thiscompany, not that guy. He is hired to run this company, if he does nothing after 3 years he has to go, not we shareholders.

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      • I said it a while ago and I was pretty much ignored. What we need as shareholders is an aggressive activist shareholder. One who would keep shareholder values in focus while continuing to move the science forward.
        Unfortunately, the damage done (dilution) by the same management that has successfully moved Cometriq into the cancer marketplace can not be overcome due to the fact that an activist shareholder can't buy enough shares because IH's control 90% of the stock.
        It's a conundrum not easily overcome, good science and a potential blockbuster trumped by management's financial incompetence.

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    • Ernie:

      Take a look at agoracom dot come board. I started it about a year ago but didn't advertise it much until lately. MNKD board over there has been a great forum, no spam, no aliases, none of this yahoo #$%$.


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