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  • milkman92714 milkman92714 Mar 27, 2013 8:56 PM Flag

    Is "Wilderguide" Michael Morrisey?

    Looking back at his history of posts on this board, I would not at all be surprised if "Wilderguide" is Michael Morrisey himself. From what I gather, MM has an ego the size of Texas and it would make sense for him to be obsessed with this yahoo message board as "Wilderguide" is. How disturbing would THAT be? "Wilderguide" posts here every day for years iif you look at his history posts. Is that something a normal person would do? Ask yourself that. Either he's got a serious psychological,problem or he's MM in the flesh, desperately defending EXEL each and every day. You be the judge! Either way, EXEL remains a dogchyte stock and has been for years. It was a huge mistake to buy it, falling for ?"Wilderguides" daily bullchyte. Why did he never mention e 340mm dollars of long term debt? You decide.

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    • $$$$
      Man...yer sure gettin' warm now...
      You showed up here a few weeks ago, trying to portray a credible investor/ poster You failed.
      Today...yer a lunatic. Someone should conduct a trial study that identifies your craniopenial decay.
      That's when the string breaks that connect yer balls to yer brain....
      ...and leaves you an intellectual eunuch.
      Wamme to clue you in as to what a eunuch is...??

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      • Thanks for proving my point you nimrod. You replied to my post within minutes. You sit there all day in front of your computer on the EXEL message board hitting "refresh" every 5 minutes. Yes, I think it's safe to day you have a serious psychological ailment. Nobody normal would obsess over a message board like you do, constantly yelling every day how EXEL is such a steal without mentioning huge huge debt the co. carries. Almost half of market cap is debt. If you are MM, it makes sense why your stock is such dogchyte. You are psycho! You're wife must be oh so proud that hubby obsesses over a yahoo MB..very satisfying I'm sure!! Lucky girl!!

        Sentiment: Sell

      • PS. Looks like I hit a nerve here! Could "Wilderguide" be MM? If it looks like chyte, smells like chyte and feels like chyte, it just might be chyte! The stock sure is. Even MM has no comeback for that one! Moral over at EXEL must be so high right now! Sure thing!

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    • we really some news to move the stock up. The board is getting nuttier day by day.

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    • Bump!

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