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  • wilderguide wilderguide Apr 26, 2013 12:24 PM Flag

    Break out or break down?

    Trading tighter w/ higher lows....
    We sorely need some news...

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    • "We sorely need some news"... Wilder, it almost seems like the company (management) is content to keep it close to the vest, it's as if they are saying be patient there's good news coming. The lack of any commentaries by anyone on the upcoming ER makes me very suspicious that they are trying very hard to suppress either bad news or a huge upside surprise to catch all the shorts with their pants down.

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      • This is and has been a highly manipulated stock for some time.IMO Anybody who watches the trades and patterns here should be able to see that easily. So how do you make money here? I have mentioned it for a long time. First be disciplined, and forget all the day to day B + S ramblings. Focus on what the trading pattern has been for a long time and instead of complaining about it, use it. They have pushed it down multiple time under $4.50, only to see it bounce back up. Just go to charts here click on chart and then bring up 2 year chart. You could have traded this 7 to 10 times, depending how tightly and what your buy in price was over last two years, and then sold it for at least a .50 cent profit each time. Now we are trending in the upper range of the last year or so. I have said. I am out on the trading side, holding my core position. I AM disciplined. Does it come back down to under $4.60 or $4.50 again? I will wait and see. Plenty of other stocks to trade with patterns to take advantage of. As for future, it looks incredible here if it unfolds as I believe will be the case, but that is for my core position. Which now really, if I relate to my trading profits here has cost me nothing at all. It all looks the same to me. Big reward potential, smaller downside, with manipulations evident and ongoing. I see way over $12 coming over next two years, but with the volatility and algorithms ongoing. LOL One day it gaps up big, is my feeling. But discipline is the word here, as well.

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        Confusion is contagious, and it could very well be that EXEL management is every bit as confused as EXEL's shareholders. The TKI space is quite crowded, with a huge continuum of data flow. Frontline oncology is in a state of torment wrt treatment sequencing, and even the best and brightest must be struggling to keep up with the latest data. Chemo or not? Hormone axis therapy? When to introduce radiopharmaceuticals? What is most appropriate for bone mets considerations? As few as 3 years ago there weren't nearly as many choices. Nowadays the numbers of choices is overwhelming.

        Where will Cabo fit in? I don't think at this juncture EXEL mgmt has honest answers. From a handful of Cabo trials 3 years ago to over 40 trials to date, many being designed & conducted by outside agents...MMM must surely have a full plate these days. I really don't think they are trying consciously to hide anything...
        I think they're a bit overwhelmed by the notoriety...

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      Please Mr Wizard...
      I don't wanna be a perpetually disappointed EXEL shareholder...
      Again...over and over...and again.
      Help me Auntie MMM...
      I'm mell-l-l-llll-l-l-ltt-t-t-t-tting...
      I'll get you my pretty...

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