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  • beststockstoownnow beststockstoownnow May 6, 2013 9:46 AM Flag

    Still waiting for the soooo predictable pattern to repeat

    The word is discipline. You wait for the pattern here for a trade. Getting closer. How long before under $4.50 range? We shall see. So manipulated, so dependable!

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    • All is as expected. They play, I wait. Patience and DISCIPLINE is what works here. The pattern is one of mechanistic manipulation for over a year now. You can take advantage or try and beat them at the day to day game. ALL I do is trade on THEIR pattern. Buy under $4.50 to $4.60 range for trading account and hold a core position, which I do. ONLY IF you see long term great outcome for pipeline over next years, as I do. ALL the rest of the blah blah blah fails to beat this VERY SIMPLE approach for some time. A simple fact. What is funny, is that the manipulators KNOW some of us, are on to their game now, and they are working to try and fool folks again.IMO Which is why you hold on to your discipline whatever the market is doing. In fact, I would argue, look for lower range if nervous, as markets are very high now, and trading on momentum without consideration of slowing economy and other factors, which could easily bring the whole market down quickly at any time.IMO Nothing in earnings is going to be shocking here, one way or the other.IMO Its all about the product progress here in terms of fundamental picture. What can cause a gap up, which is why I hold the core position, are deals, takeover bids or positive news. All unpredictable in the short term, but likely longer term.IMO You will notice, that those who put thumbs down on my posts, NEVER explain or acknowledge, that I have been right on with this methodology for quite some time. While all the rest seem caught up in the emotional swings here, but appear to be out when they should be getting in (low price range) and get in when they should be getting out. (higher price range) Buy under $4.50 to $4.60 range, sell when it spikes up towards $5. Check out charts, its all clearly shown. EOS IMO Now, STAY IN CASH. IMO

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      • Just hold the core, trade the pattern. Nothing changed here at all. All the posts in the world will not change that simple fact. You only accumulate/trade this stock by buying under $4.50 to $4.60 and selling each and EVERY time it moves up toward $5. By now, you would be buying stock only with money earned on this trade if you had done this for last year or so. And now, does it actually look any different???? Not at all. They play around this price point often to suck a few more in before dropping it down to $4.25 to $$4.50 but then it will rise at some point within a couple of months back up. One day it will keep going up, IMO But not for a while. In any case, hold a core position, in case it does finally make a real run, and not one of the many manipulated up and down, very predictable moves, that make some of us, so darn HAPPY!!!! LOL

    • Remember. When it gets into trading range, there is no hurry here. Pick your spot. It could go towards its lower end of the range this time, but in any case, the same discipline is required once you have a position, because they will play you to scare you. Fact is, the pattern is firm and well established and until it changes I will play it. In fact the swings are getting better! So do not complain, use it to your advantage.IMO

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