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  • mbbf49a mbbf49a May 15, 2013 7:26 PM Flag

    I'm far more concerned about RA 223's results and approval than the pedestrian results for Cabo

    I don't see any real disappointments with what has been reported so far with cabo. It's in comparison to RA 223 that I think the stock could get scorched tomorrow. That timing was unfortunate to say the least. Am I overreacting or...? I would appreciate others thoughts on this matter as it could get expensive tomorrow.


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    • From Biobetter investor village cross post
      "Re: ASCO Abstracts
      Scher has participated in some of EXEL's sponsored events in the past so I'm hoping he will attend the investor briefing EXEL is webcasting on Sunday. EXEL used to do an annual R&D event with its researchers but didn't in 2012. If Scher is willing to talk about his abstract I think its a positive. 2 years ago he participated in a similar investor briefing for a MDVN abstract. He had no problem praising Xtandi which was about to release its P3 in a few months. Scher's attendance at the Sunday briefing would be good news imo. I suspect he would just skip the event if he was disappointed by Cabo's results. He is a busy guy at this ASCO with his name on 18 abstracts.

      Some are comparing Cabo's OS abstract to Radium 223. That just can't be done. The radium placebo arm was saline. The patients were excluded if they had visceral disease. That is because radium has no effect except on bone. Cabo allowed patients if their cancers had metastasized to the liver and lungs. Radium was a euro study so we are talking about very different population from Cabo's. "

    • What you should really be concerned about is developing prostate cancer and having a physician prescribe a radioactive therapeutic that targets the same location where hematopoietic stem cells are known to reside. Ra233 is a known mutagen/carcinogen causing leukemia/lymphomas and other myeloproliferative disorders which usually show up 3-10yrs after exposure. Then again, alpharadin only buys you ~ 3mon., so maybe it's not much of a concern. Regardless, I'll take cabo any day.


    • Can anyone help me understanding this?
      "It's not going to help the stock price. 10.8 months compared to the anticipated 7 months for the Comet control groups..." On ALSYMPCA overall survival: radium-233 had medium OS:14.0 months versus placebo OS: 11.2 months. we all know what happen today. Xofigo got approval. why 10.8 months versus 7 months on Cabo is not good enough?

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    • Alpharadin results are not news. Those results were made public in Sept. of 2011. The news is the priority review approval came in early, that is the only news. The MOA of alpharadin is targeted radiation. Strangely enough, that seems to be an issue for some of the scientists on this board.

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