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  • oncodoc02138 oncodoc02138 May 21, 2013 12:34 PM Flag

    MM Transcript Today

    Just read the transcript. I must admit I am pretty encouraged by the RCC and HCC PFS data. He doesn't labor on about the ASCO prostate OS data, but 10.8 months in a heavily pretreated group is not anything to sneeze at. IIRC provenge was approved with something like 4 months of OS.

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    • I was encouraged to hear him talking about the registration trial in RET+ NSCLC with objective response rate as the primary endpoint. Has he used the word registration before in other CCs when talking about RET+ lung cancer? Maybe they are close to starting that trial...

    • Of course the news is good, and being played down, and not appreciated in a very highly manipulated stock with a large short position. Are you watchers taking note of the EXACT SAME PATTERN that has been going on for over a year??? Have you got your core position here? Should have, because you NEVER WILL KNOW when this gets taken over, or explodes up dollars. In the meantime, you take advantage of the repeat manipulative moves. Down under $4.60 then up to $5 range. It gyrates a little more or less than either point. IE They sometimes push it down briefly to around $4.20 lows or let it ride up to $5.25. But the point is simple. IF you had, or still it appears, bought at $4.50 range EVERY time, you would have been able to sell this a number of times, and now be sitting with your core almost cost free. It the way it IS here. Take advantage.IMO I have bought, as I said I would, still have cash to buy more if they drop it down again, but am patiently and disciplined. I can wait longer than they can. Its that simple. LOL So I either lower my ACB if it goes down or edge out when it gets back up, in my trading position ONLY. I never sell the core, and add with the profits the manipulators make me. Thanks in advance!LOL

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    • 4 Months of OS benefit versus a control group. 10.8 months is not a benefit figure, just an absolute value from the phase 2 results.

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