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  • wilderguide wilderguide Jun 19, 2013 7:17 PM Flag

    Comet update 6/18/13

    Comet 1 is listing 211 of 273 trial sites as either recruiting or active, not recruiting.
    Comet 2 is listing 50 of 55 sites as recruiting or active, not recruiting - with one site withdrawn.

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    • OT: very interesting, I have a question for you, wilder.
      ONXX just received takeover offer from Amgen this Monday. If you look into the insider trading, all offices including CEO, CFO, several VPs were exercising their options like crazy in past 6-9 months. My question is: if they felt Amgen's 120 offer was too low, why they sold most of their shares under 90 in the past months. It looks like that no one from ONXX including the CEO having any clue about Amgen's approach! Will EXEL be in the same situation like ONXX.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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        JMHO, but comparing Onyx to Exelixis is a bit like comparing Berkshire Hathaway to Snoopy' s lemonade stand...or comparing the Rolling Stones to Boxcar Willie. Look at the ONXX corporate presentation. Nexavar boasts 583 clinical trials. The clinical overview of ONXX IP contains well over 1000 clinical trials. I have some difficulties envisioning this result from any biotech that has given up on R&D, laid off their science staff, and rented out their laboratory space to a competitor to make ends meet. I think you'd best ask Ernie for help with this answer, but thanks for the laugh. I'm having a tough time winding down tonight, and you've helped quite a bit w/ that...

      • Like ONXX. yes. Shorts get caught. Stock gaps up.

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      JFYI - An additional update posted 6/19/13 to Comet 2...
      Currently listing 50 of 57 trial sites as recruiting or active-not recruiting - one withdrawn.

      Joeflow - hoping you found an entry point with SNTA since we chatted on the topic.
      HSPi looks promising to me...whether SNTA, EXEL, IPI...lots of strong data cropping up...
      Director Brian Kovner purchased a whopping 758,000 shares in the past few weeks.
      I scaled in slowly and finally pulled the trigger at $3.99. Glad I did...Up 11.1% today!!

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        Comet 1 updated recruiting sites on 6/28, posting a whopping increase to 236 of 275 sites recruiting. Lots of European locations have opened up.
        I see lots of disappointment on the MB, but there is evidence that much is being done, and I expect the 7/29 earnings report will further reinforce that evidence. Busy. Busy.
        Feet's be moving'....
        Whole lotta shakin' goin' on....

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