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  • beststockstoownnow beststockstoownnow Nov 1, 2013 10:18 AM Flag

    Nov. $5 PUTS: open interest 6,516 contracts. Oh my...

    Do you think, just maybe, somebody would like it to stay around the $5 mark or lower? No never, that would be manipulation! roflmao To the Put buyers have enough muscle to push this down more, or do the sellers move it up. OR does it hover around $5. Stay tuned, should be some action on this. IMO

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    • Action all around $5. If the price gets below $4.60 between now and expiry, of these options, I will trade long and wait a couple of weeks. Otherwise, hold core and ignore the manipulated price action.IMO its all so manipulated and obvious.IMO is the large Nov. put position based on a placement at a discount? Anything is possible here. Its biotech at its finest and typical. Is it all about taking care of "friends", cashing up on pumps, using strategies to fleece the small retail folks? Stay tuned and see how it all works. But getting excited and sucked in on short term spikes is not historically a smart move. Truth is, buying on drops has been the ONLY winning strategy here so far, and with many/most biotech issues. Buying on run ups has been a losers game. Simply the fact. Any look at longer term chart confirms this to date. What has actually changed?

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      • All is the same other than open interest has increased. Its ying and yang till next Friday. Typical for this type of situation. Will they close it at $5 range? Will the dark forces press it down? Will the pumpers and bashers continue their B+S? Stay tuned, the usual suspects are alive and online, ready with their todate innacurate price forecasts going back years it appears. Truth is, range and cycle bound, with little change from pattern. That is the fact ANY view of the 5 year chart makes OBVIOUS.

    • Is it true, what they say? 5 will do the trick!

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      • What a strange coincidence, closes at $5, no manipulation here, no never. And all those $5 Puts, oh my, sigh, yes folks, its all just coincidence! Usual roadmap on this sort of play. It bottoms a few days before expiry, sometimes a week in front, like today, or are the buyers ready to push this down? So stay tuned for next weeks action! But remember, it is just a random walk, all from legit buyers and sellers. I mean the Wall Street crew, they do not manipulate or play these games, taking many of you retail buyers and sellers to the cleaners. No never, they would not do such things!. Maybe you might want to ask the SEC! These guys are soooo predictable. roflmao

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