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  • emanresu_retne_esaelp emanresu_retne_esaelp May 4, 2014 12:11 AM Flag

    Management Compensation...

    Using the information here at Yahoo and there is no reason to believe its incorrect, however, if it is in error please correct me, we find that the management at EXEL is certainly pulling down some serious cash. This lineup, who through their collective decision making has managed to loose ~$75M in a single quarter. Leading the pack is Morrissey at $1.11M, Karbe at $696K, Simonton $625K and Schwab at $689K. Total bill...$3,112,000. How ridiculous is that? -$75M in a quarter!!! The Three Stooges could get you losses like that and it would cost a lot less and be strange, as this sounds, a lot less comical.

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    • $$$$
      Maybe you haven't been paying attention. I'll try to simplify this so even an IQ deficient ADHD can understand and appreciate. The regulatory biometrics don't exist for the product these guys represent. The commercial acceptance and the clinical success of cabozantinib threatens the regulatory infrastructure, and creates one of the most compelling arguments to date for biomarker-guided treatment strategy in oncology. No one in government wants to witness that much change. It's simply too much work. It's a revolution of concept.
      Cabo has crossed the threshold of medicine vs magic. One of the AKA bros called it a VooDoo concoction. Well, in a way, he's correct. Cabo clears bone scans. It accomplishes an interaction of synergistic.effect that is as yet inexplicable...though well-defined in clinical terms...yet - as of now - completely unacceptable in regulatory vernacular. A clear-cut case of legislative process being decades- deficient wrt technological advance. It's a threatens the systemic architecture of the status quo. It threatens to bend the beaurocratic process.
      An outlaw...James Dean, Jesse James, Bonnie & Clyde, Robin Hood, and the Allman Brothers all tied together at The Whipping Post while Mr Market cries out for more pain...well, bring it on.
      Let the games begin...

    • Your analysis is comical. The stock market is speculative about the price of any stock going up or down, biotechs just happen to be more speculative because their success or failure isn't determined by sales but rather by the anticipated sales assuming trial results are positive. Therefore, the root cause is trial results. Based on your analysis and applying big company metrics such as book value to biotech companies is foolhardy and only meant to confuse and scare some people from either buying shares or convince them to sell them. I will agree with one thing, if they don't understand how to analyze a biotech and take into consideration that the analysis is different than considering investing in Coca Cola, MSFT, or Apple then they shouldn't be here.

      However, you are deliberately misleading people by talking about a metric that isn't relevant. If it were, nobody would buy stock in a biotech because until the products are approved book value is always low, as are sales, and debt, R&D expenses, and salaries always look exorbitantly high until clinical trials are successful, then sales follow suit and the other numbers compare more reasonably.

      The best part of your analysis is that it went from a book value of $.36 to $.04. Either you weren't scaring enough people out of their shares with $.36 or your analyzing skills truly are garbage because you couldn't get the number right the first time. In either case, while you preach you are here to help save people from making a foolish decision, your intent is much more sinister and clear to many.

      As for whining about being stalked, you post dozens if not hundreds of messages of your own, call people names, come up with crude responses such as bite me, and generally interfere with what was a productive, intelligent discussion on this message board but can't take it when someone stands up and responds to your garbage. Thin skin indeed which goes with the rest of your transparency. Back to ignore!

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