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  • thebirdmens10 thebirdmens10 Jun 5, 2000 9:21 PM Flag


    Please, don't go into the dream mode again. Be cautious. I say this stock is ......YeaH! Baby.

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    • Buisnessweek cover story 06/12/00 page 149:
      "Figuring out what genes do, key players. Lexicon,
      EXELEXIS, Millenium, Human Genome Sciences,

      Exelexis is at the forefront of unearthing DNAs

      Biotechs will lead the summer rally.

      Exelexis soon
      to reach 250!

    • Yes, this stock is hot. Yes, there is a lot of
      potential. Yes, $233 is not unrealistic - at some

      Look at the drug companies that have joint working
      agreements and that have invested mega dollars in this
      company and it all makes sense. Look at the people. Look
      at the scientific writings and what others are


      The science has a ways to go, so it's a crapshoot.
      It's probably a crapshoot where the potential for
      significant gains far outweighs the risk of loss, when
      weighed on the basis of expected return compared to
      expected loss. But it could be years before we

      Is this stock an essential part of a long term
      diversified portfolio? Absolutely. And only a fool would sell
      at 29 (or 39 or 89).

      Should this stock be in
      my grandmother's portfolio? Not unless she is really

      I was in at the start ($13) and I expect to be here
      for a long ride.

      Any pending news? Nah! There
      was probably an information leak about efficiencies
      in employee benefits, controls for accounts payable
      or physical fitness of key employees.


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