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  • kacheena_777 kacheena_777 May 20, 2011 7:37 PM Flag

    Anyone still around when this was .50 ?

    Boy, those were some good days. Is Rene still pitching the waste?

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    • i had the opportunity to get out at $1.00
      what the hell was i thinking. of course i was just a kid then

    • I am a long, long time owner of TTRIF. I own millions of shares. I am encouraged everyday that TTRIF is trading. The interests are still high. I am projecting powerful positive energy out to the universe that TTRIF will come through with flying color, not just .50 but $10. Please join me in sending powerful positive energy to the universe that this will happen in the year 2012. The end product is good for the environment and the timing is now. Shell Oil company bought into this company for a big reason. Watch and see.

    • Yes, I was there from the begining. Rene is no longer part of the company, he was voted out because of his lies and fraud. The new director is Ismael Radi, and he wants to make bio fuel from the palm tree waste in MAYLASIA. There has not been any information from Radi for years and NO address or phone number as well. My advice to you is NOT to invest any money in this stock, it is a fraud, but why it still trades on the pink sheets is a testimony and fraud and corruption in the investment business.