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  • change_yer_mind change_yer_mind Sep 8, 2005 11:17 PM Flag

    Buying it up big tomorrow Money seeds!

    The bashers here are probably the ones that are getting screwed twice, once by their own false optimism, second by the lawyers that are will charge them full attorney fees when they lose miserably in court. Perhaps you should try to sue the "pumpers" who said the word "contract" which was never said in that press release. You can't even keep it straight where you read your information, the boards or the press release. Read the press release, and it says nothing about a contract. That was your idea. You lose a third time when you see that Cafe is still a company, nothing has changed except for a few idiots nipping at the heels who will soon be LAUGHED out of court. Have you ever read the "SAFEHARBOR" statement? duhh, can I sue because I didn't read the safeharbor? Yes, Can you win ? No. Lawyers know a good bunch of suckers when the see them. And they are seeing them.

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    • No I don't know much about warrants or even how one goes about getting them, (other than not showing up for court) lol :D

      Maybe try or something

    • I hear you and concern is that I own CAFEW warrants and am doubtful that they will be able to trade on the pink sheets...can you lend any insight to that?

    • Good Post

      I happen to agree with you. I understood "no contract" from the beginning. Trouble is - in the trading world you have to go with the flow. There's a difference with what's "right" and what the manipulators of the stock market do. All we, the little guy, can do is hope to do is hop on that train and ride it until the manipulators have reached their destination. The problem is deciding where to jump off.
      I'd love to see HA blow everyone out of the water with "purchase orders". I hope they do. But given the SEC intrusion and the naked shorting, etc..... I'm just hoping HA can stay in business and not BK. It's a shame that the stock market can make or break a good company with good honest hard working employees by pure manipulation. It has nothing to do with the actual workings of the company. I believe in this company, but I also now believe in the "good ole boy" system where someone high up (SEC, NAS) is covering his buddy's a$$..... at the expense of good people like us. I'm seeing way too much of this lately. I'd also like to wish Good Luck to all the HA employees.. if you're tuning in.

    • That's what I said, they affect the pps, but indirectly through public sentiment. Delisting does NOT affect the pps unless people react to it. Same company with or without NASDAQ right? I will hold my shares until this gets ironed out thick or thin. And it will get straightened out IMO. These lawyers will lose this one, and I really don't like lawyers much, so it will at least be a good laugh.

    • Where do you get $30? CAFE was a $3 stock with no WMT contract. They still have no WMT contract. How is the stock worth more than $3?

    • Ladies and germs, we have a new contender for moron of the day.

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      • I have great laughs reading all of your posts!! You guys are funny!!

        any person who bought this stock "long"
        or "short" should understand that the
        market makers are the ones who are
        laughing all the way to the bank!
        market is a big rip-off!!

        buy real-estate with your $$ not stocks

        if you insist on not listening to me, then why bother to buy or sell this p.o.s....there are too many other good stocks out there.

        hope everyone all the best!!

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