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  • ogeneration ogeneration Nov 11, 2003 9:08 PM Flag

    Today's Harvard Club Presentation

    Revealed the excellent backgrounds and credentials of the FXEN Management holding ownership of 15%.

    Jerzy M who spend half of his life in Poland, said FXEN has millions of acres of the best acreage in Europe of exploration;

    Richard Hardman - will be in Poland next week to work on prospect inventory and selection;

    Steve McTierman - Energy sector in Poland to align with EU Elec/Gas directives - to privatize. FXEN Guaranteed access to markets and transportation in Poland at lower costs; gas demand to double in Poland over the next 10 yrs; well being drilled by FXEN near pipeline; FXEN can sell its gas to Germany; EU dependence on gas 50% today and 75% in 2015.

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    • ....perhaps the presentations are advance work for some fund raising. this company does need some additional cash to continue or expand their work.

      it is common for companies to go on the road etc to "get the story out". a stock offering is likely soon....

    • I just finished listening to the broadcast off the website. Everything I heard was very consistent with what I already knew and expected them to say. The short(s) had a fun time bashing and dumping today. All I can say is you ("you" used in this case in the plural to capture all identities for the singular party as evidenced by his grammar and vocabulary -- or lack thereof) helped create one more opportunity for investors to pick up shares for about 15% less than they might otherwise pay. But certainly, your real-time posts during/after the presentation are/were transparent to the informed investor (apparently convincing to the uninformed quick flip crowd who don't understand the nature of this investment). I remain optimistic about FXEN and suspect that during the next two to five years, rate of return will be phenomenal, irrespective of whether you bought at $5.50 or $2.10 during June 2002. If today's "short" cheerleading helps send day traders packing, that's fine with me. I enjoyed this board more when there were one or two thoughtful posts per day with meaningful dialogue and debate. With the arrival of the hypster(s) who appears to know more about stock manipulation than Independent E&P activities, the neighborhood has gone to the sharks and multiple personality disorder sociopaths who believe that exploitation of the markets is a productive activity. I prefer economically viable exploitation of hydrocarbon reserves, thank you very much. As always, I'm in this one for the long haul, not the short-term flip, and believe that the big returns will be enjoyed by substantial long-term investors.

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