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  • rigworkerman rigworkerman Dec 8, 2004 9:37 AM Flag

    Nevada activity.

    Certainly NV is not material unless they tag another Grant Canyon style well. Even a well producing 1500 barrels a day would be significant for a company of this size.

    According to a report on NV oil, The E. Inselberg #33 was spudded by Makoil/FX Energy on Nov 5nd and hit TD on Nov 7th. The well is being evaluated and the rig remains on-site. This well is 1.5 miles from Trap Springs production. The 2nd well State Permit #865 is the Radio #6 is expected to spud soon. This is the only well that has been drilled in Railroad Valley since July. The TVI well, permit #861, has not spudded yet. Now, I have no idea about this well, but if there are rumors about a large find in Railroad Valley, then it can only be the Makoil/FX well drilled on Nov. 7th.

    Foreland Corp drilled a well in Elko county that set casing on Oct 11 and released the rig on Oct. 12, but according to the records has not been plugged. Eagle Exploration drilled #858 in near Sunnyside in Oct and it was plugged Oct 19th.

    Those who have connections in NV or have heard rumors, keep the cards and letters coming.

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    • According to my research, the E. Inselberg well is approximately 9 miles West of Currant, Nye County, Nevada.

      Legal Location: T, 10 N., R. 57 E., Section 36, NW 1/4 SE 1/4.

      Lease Number: N-62681.

    • rigworkerman- Great post! Thank you for straightening out this matter. The idle thought crosses my mind of a merger between Tri-Valley Corp (TIV: AMEX) and FX Energy. Tri-Valley set a drill time record in California for their EKHO well. They are VERY proficient at drilling wells, not at all good at finding hydrocarbons Meanwhile, FXEN seems quite talented when it comes to finding pay. Can one hand feed the other here? Blystone(TIV) and Hardman(FXEN) have many decades of experience in the oil patch, collectively.



      Makoil, Inc., of Orange, California, with the support of the U.S. Department of Energy has reprocessed and reinterpreted the 3D seismic survey of the Grant Canyon area, Railroad Valley, Nye County, Nevada. The project was supported by Dept. of Energy Grant DE-FG26-00BC15257. The Grant Canyon survey covers an area of 11 square miles, and includes Grant Canyon and Bacon Flat oil fields. These fields have produced over 20 million barrels of oil since 1981, from debris slides of Devonian rocks that are beneath 3,500 to 5,000 ft of Tertiary syntectonic deposits that fill the basin of Railroad Valley. High-angle and low-angle normal faults complicate the trap geometry of the fields, and there is great variability in the acoustic characteristics of the overlying valley fill. These factors combine to create an area that is challenging to interpret from seismic reflection data. A 3D seismic survey acquired in 1992-93 by the operator of the fields has been used to identify development and wildcat locations with mixed success. Makoil believed that improved techniques of processing seismic data and additional well control could enhance the interpretation enough to improve the chances of success in the survey area. The project involved the acquisition of hardware and software for survey interpretation, survey reprocessing, and reinterpretation of the survey. SeisX, published by Paradigm Geophysical Ltd., was chosen as the interpretation software, and it was installed on a Dell Precision 610 computer work station with the Windows NT operating system. The hardware and software were selected based on cost, possible addition of compatible modeling software in the future, and the experience of consulting geophysicists in the Billings area. Installation of the software and integration of the hardware into the local office network was difficult at times but was accomplished with some technical support from Paradigm and Hewlett Packard, manufacturer of some of the network equipment. A number of improvements in the processing of the survey were made compared to the original work.

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