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  • bernoullisfriend bernoullisfriend Mar 14, 2005 11:37 AM Flag

    6 days in a row...

    Many here would gain much by taking a course in civility. While disagreeing with a poster if certainly your perogative, try a cogent argument instead of acting crass and belligerent.

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    • well pal heres the deal......the message poster i replied to only bothers to post messages which say, "another down day."......each and every day. last week he posted one after another and stated how this stock "stinks" . he has never had a constructive thing to say since he began posting on this board and i franlkly dont think this board is intended for those who want to just use his forum to wine about their poor investment choice of the week. tell me how you argue with people who just post garbage eveytime they log on. if the stock truly stinks, mgmnt stinks, everyone is manipulating to run it into the grond and you just cant take it, then sell, move on, but do eveyone else a favor and get off the mesage board so we can dedicate time to reading posts from the likes of guys like Arktic. is that civil enough??

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      • I'll post early for tomorrow. 7 down days in a row. Amazing.

        First of all it's "whine" now "wine"

        Second, my point is I bought this stock and I have a right to vent on this board that this plunge, yes plunge sucks. And to read how everything is great and and its part of the long term plan is ridiculous. Also, knowing that insiders unload this stock every month rather than buying makes me sick. When I sell and it will be soon, I won't post again.

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