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  • zzzclay zzzclay Jan 1, 2006 5:20 PM Flag

    Macroeconomic events should help FXEN

    The recent Russian NG price increases to Poland/Ukraine plus the shutdown of supplies to Ukraine should lead to greater investor focus on European-reserve-based NG companies, particularly up and coming cos in new areas with producing wells and promising exploration areas... If Sroda 5 is commercial and we hit gas at D, I believe we could make a run at 18-20 given the current/developing European NG climate... All JMHO

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    • I agree. The results of todays news will also allow the price of gas in Poland to go up. Prior posts have remarked that the discounted price to the polish consumer would keep the well head price down and that the Polish government would pressure the cost of gas found in Poland to stay down. I would be interested in the longtermers(actually I am one of them) thoughts on the repricing of gas at the well head or now calculated gas in the ground. I think this is what Arktic was considering when he said that if S5 is commercial. I did not mark the prior posts on the estimated value but I suspect that this will be considerable higher and also would make barrowing on the assets now much easier if needed. I also think that this news of constricted supply will increase FXEN opportunities especially in FXEN's efforts to obtain more leasses since they have the best handle on the seismic and gas location. This would seem to be the best of both worlds for FXEN. The Poles will need to respond to this change in supply with urgency and FX is in the best spot to help them do this. To quote Aktic "This may well be the Perfect Storm"
      I like zzzclay am in to ELN but FXEN now my largest holding with ELN right behind. Both have required patience but I think this will be rewarded in both V

    • sabramovitz Jan 2, 2006 12:08 AM Flag

      I agree. I think there will be an announcement this week. It is a foregone conclusion there will be gas. Hopefully it will be commercial. The volume on Friday and the stock not moving is a good sign of nervous shorts and some prospectors. I have the bubbly ready. If it does not prove commercial, I will move on and Uhoh will buy a new outhouse to match the one he bought when he became "rich." He is so full of it, he will need two anyway and I will wish him luck.

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