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  • conchdog conchdog Jan 19, 2006 12:18 PM Flag


    who have been bashing this stock with their stupid, idiotic posts? i've never read such bulls%it anywhere. the only post that ever had any substance concerned the insider selling that took place last year. that comment has been posted by the devils deciple himself, the poster from hell about 200 times. is that all he or she or it had? if you're going to bash this stock, come up with something new, not ancient history. meantime, enjoy the ride, its going to be a long and high ride. remember the pendulum always swings too far on either side. so far we have seen it swing too far on the downside.

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    • Before you invest in this scam, look at the outcome from the disappointing news: massive selloff prior to the announcement. The Arktic group of pumpers call this "just coincidence." Now if you are among the lucky and haven't lost your shirt this explanation is hiliariously predictable! Also consider that Fxen Management refused to restrict their ritual of $0.001 options; basically dissing the shareholders initiative. These guys act like entitled commissars. Hardman, Pierce&Pierce, Duncan, Lovejoy and Maciolek have failed the sniff test as caretakers of the shareholders' interests. This isn't an E&P growth story, rather it's really an atm machine for the insiders and daytraders.

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      • that news is old news which some of u dummies don't seem to understand. the stock was selling at 16. insiders were selling, two wells were dry and the stock drops over 50%. this stock is for the future. they have many wells to drill and hopefully some are successful. if they are, we will see much higher prices than now. the dummies who are predicting lower prices seem to be 100% sure that this company will never hit a successful well in the future. to believe that is not only dumb but dumber than dumb.

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