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  • ogeneration ogeneration Dec 3, 2010 2:22 PM Flag

    Bullish on FXEN

    from Investopedia today:
    Bullish Energy
    FX Energy (Nasdaq: FXEN) is a U.S.-based company that has its principal exploration and production facilities in the Rotliegend sandstones in Poland. The company also has smaller acreage in Montana and Nevada. FXEN trades with a forward P/E ratio of 19.0 and hit a new two-year high at the end of November. The stock has bullish volume during the rally and if the trend continues, another 25% on the upside appears very possible. (For more, see Oil And Gas Industry Primer.)

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    • Unfortunately, there is a big problem - the Fed and the Administration is a " crazy"! -
      I thought that Marxism - and there are certain elements - for example, TARP--
      unequal treatment of citizens - such as how to give public funds to the company
      who did not pay taxes / losses or because he had falsified data / a man who
      honest work and pay these taxes / and so are his money - to receive
      house - the more so in fact receive his house that got these institutions
      tax money - private institutions - not a public institution - private!
      And in the name of preserving what? The banking system? What?
      The current Fed actions do not have with the banking system's common
      - /, At least with the system of Western civilization - and I do not want to offend anyone here /
      but this is what we have today to do the model resembles an Islamic bank
      where there are no credits, no interest for it is a lot of oil that
      U.S. and Asian countries imported / HAVE A LOT OF OIL FOR EXPORT?
      DUE TO THE OPEC CARTEL? - NOT! / - The more I do not understand.
      But the little I read about these banks - they are investing - in addition to oil extraction projects in a very weird / like the falling planes, field poppies, and other explosive projects / - a rather ordinary man is not where you look -
      whether the head of the Fed thinks that how to apply this model to the U.S. economy will explode?!
      Even if so in which direction?!
      I'm not set against the USA - just so it looks like from my point of view. If someone is offended - sorry.

      best regard's

      ps. becerrfuly becouse as it had no raison d'être of Marxism, and so there is no reason for being a model Islamic
      one and the other leads to destruction, and much will depend on
      whether the U.S. retains the foundations of democracy.

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