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  • hi_im_shad_from_ny hi_im_shad_from_ny Jul 11, 2013 8:08 PM Flag

    hi chad!!!

    all these years you've been telling us FXEN stock will go down and the management sucks...
    also you told us about your occasional long short term position... all these years I thought you were
    a short hoping the stock would go down most of the time. all these years I thought you were too cynical and short sighted... but in general you were right and had interesting knowledge about the company and its management.... I don't know why the IV guys hate you so much! joke for you--- typical FXEN investor: RALPH, typical FXEN manager: NORTON....

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    • Love your name! Where do you get the idea that the IV guys hate Chad so much. I kid him on the this board occasionally, but I can't recall him being hardly mentioned. Or maybe a couple times at most over the years. It will be interesting if the Edge concession, which Chad indicates because Apache left Poland speaks volumes, turns out to be the one that finally turns this company around. I think Chad has done better than most in the stock because he's traded in and out without a bit a sentiment. I wish him continued success.

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    • hi_im_chad_from_florida hi_im_chad_from_florida Jul 11, 2013 10:11 PM Flag

      Well, I don't ALWAYS think it will go down. But years ago I had the good fortune to meet the Ivy Natural Resources Fund Manager, and ask him if he knew the stock{fxen}. He said he was aware of it but 1] If apache left Poland that speaks volumes.2}Why would some no account e&p co. from Utah of all places make an attempt in Poland when the oil and gas was in their own back yard?{my paraphrase of course}
      Now don't get me wrong I have NEVER shorted this co. I do not trade from the short side.
      I do know that there are leaks in the information, and the people who get it { not me unfortunately} will from time to time trade on that. I think it's slime to do that by the way. I think fish smell from the head. The co. needs big governance and a house cleaning. As for me I'm long right now but that may change shortly.
      I sold @ $8 before kutuno because it took to long to announce news.{Stay tuned right?}
      Notice how quiet they become before bad news. Same thing happened when the stock was $10 and they did a secondary at $7... These guys are malo. I also sold some @ $5.5-$6 the last run, in hindsight not enough. So the reason IV hates me is I don't tow their line.
      BTW if you go on that board ask them why the insider's NEVER buy! The are not in a quiet period now for instance. If they are they will be out shortly. The game is we shareholder are the suckers. I hate that! We own the co too. What has Hardman done to earn his millions? or Lovejoy? Hay you have heard it all from me before.
      New Id I see... You don't want the priests hearing your confession?

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      • no...i never posted here... i only can confess i didn't sell FXEN a couple years ago at a big profit...
        something is wrong at FXEN big time and they are small enough to be under the radar and
        avoid stockholders like you and me... you know those guys enough to have contempt for them... maybe you worked for them once? i have no idea about them except that clearly they only care about their own enrichment at shareholder expense...i.e. stock options, secondary offerings, and whatever else they can pull off... i think the armchair geologists on the IV board are like doting grandfathers..." my grandson works for this great Polish gas company so I bought alot of stock in it too.. and we are all going to be rich!"...

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