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  • holderofbags holderofbags Feb 2, 2012 11:49 AM Flag

    This is what happens when everybody

    loads up on calls.

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    • No, this is what happens when the CEO continues to confirm 2011 exit rate production guidance in a January presentation when he knows full well that the company will not meet production guidance for 4q11. Long term, I think KOG is fine IF, and I repeat IF, the liner problem gets fixed and Peterson is correct on 2012 production guidance.

      On several threads I have pointed out that Peterson has not been straight with us.

      Bashers continue to bash, and some longs say "wait and quit whining", but very few want to address the fact that Peterson was not honest with us.

      As a KOG long, I will continue to hold, but I am not happy with management. For those who say KOG was due for a pullback, where do you think KOG would be if KOG had met guidance? My guess is between 10 and 12. Have you been paying attention to CLR?

    • You need to calm down before you upset Capt'n Dipsheet. Quit rocking the d@mn boat, OK? I have an idea...I'll fill my bathtub up and Captn' Mor@n can drive his love boat around in it. Let's see if he can navigate his way to Fantasy Island! It should have a calming effect on him; much like a pacifier has with an infant! Wait for it....ok..his alter ego multiple personality Welbie should be on soon. LMAO!!!!

      Oh bring up some excellent points. I agree 100%. Won't touch my core shares...dumped my trading shares last week. See what happens with this mess with earnings so close at hand.

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      • I am not sure though knowing the oil fields that Lynn would have had any idea until just recently. These wells very well could have all been drilled and awaiting completion at the same time. We don't know who was responsible or when anyone found out. Very easily could have been just a recent discovery.

        What's the date on the January presentation? I haven't looked at it to be honest. BUt knowing how the service companies work this very well may have been realized last min after the Frac crew arrived and at the time the presentation was made they may have full well expected to have flowing wells a week or two later. I am hopeful after talking with some guys that work the drilling rigs that this can be repaired quickly. Either way its just added more chance to buy before production explodes. No company in ND is without its struggles, this boom has gone from mild to wild quickly and those who hang on will continue to be rewarded. Many people said the same type of complaints when this hit mid 3's only a few months ago on false news of lack of cash. Those who bought then sure made out good, along with all the other times macro market news has presented us with prime buying.

    • You're right about the first point. I'm only assuming that the CEO knows what's going on in his company.