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  • kogdriller1 kogdriller1 Jan 10, 2013 8:04 PM Flag

    explanation of what a trader does, by the great kogdriller


    it seems atleast 2 or 3 times a day one of you no talent co cksu kers askes when im going to cover my short. first a trader doesnt mean a short position every trade. i try to make my trades with the trend of the min. not of the day or week or month. usualy no matter if its a long or short position im out before closing in case you dont know there is no shorting in most cases pre or after hours. there are times i leave short etfmarket shorts such as sqqq sh, but its been 2 years since i did any of that. it is not uncommon for my plays to exceed100 trades in a day when im fully involved but the last few months the election fisacal cliff and events of that nature im jest playing around. oh and before you embarish your self asking about trade commisions im on a yearly idiot amoung you keeps telling me ive changed from stong buy to strong sell at the end of a post, i guess he thinks im going to say which way im going, how child like. as i said before im screwing around you fools never heard a peep out of me till election time when i stpped trading full time and when and if the market starts moving for real im gone, i will miss this because your like a bunch of poor rats waiting for a board to float by to jump on so you dont drown. i do have some long oils i bought for the hold back on oct 6 2011kog at 4.75 tat .78 sd 5.85 hero 2.75 and the big loser ssn at 2.17 which is gone and not to soon. buying low like under 5.00 for kog is good but the #$%$ that buy this at 8.79 to hold long and brag about it is jest plain sad. there used to be a lot of traders in the bubble days now we are about gone i only know 3 or 4 but thats why i laugh at if im covering my short yet, because ive made more positions in a day than hes made and every relitive has made in his poor life.

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