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  • mikeinwestsac mikeinwestsac Feb 11, 2013 9:35 PM Flag

    Not Dead Money to Me

    With abummer increasing taxes on everyone, I am focusing my money on long term capital gains. For the most recent college graduate, that means if I hold my investment for longer than 1 year, I get a huge tax break when I sell and take my profit; so obviously I want a growth stock for this. I am also focusing on dividend stocks as many other people are, too. These may not move as much in price, but I believe the "dividends" they pay get a tax break, as well.

    So KOG is a long term hold for me having bought from February to June 2012. And even though it doesn't pay a dividend, I have lowered my cost basis by 70 cents with covered calls. Thats better than most dividends pay, as it is near 10%; and now when KOG takes off, I have it as a long term cap gain if and when I decide to sell. That is why I wouldn't call this stock dead money. And the Bakken is still in its infancy. I own TPLM, too.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Nope, part of Obummer's raid on the rich was taxing dividends... everyone's dividends. In a related story, Barry has ordered that asprin be handed out in inner-city schools along with the usual supply of condoms. Why? Because they are white and they work.