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  • oil_made_me_rich oil_made_me_rich Feb 22, 2013 10:09 AM Flag

    From $9.30 to $8.65 in 4 days even with the Reserves and Guidance they presented.

    That is not what one wants to see. Still holding some KOG but certainly not happy with the direction of the stock.

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    • I've been trading in and out of KOG for over a year. Never ever ever buy KOG at $9.30 The way to trade KOG is buy when it is below 8.90 and sell it when it hits 9.30 Easy money

    • That's because the reserve data was no very good. Did you actually conduct any analysis or just figure that 38% was bigger that 37% it must be great?

    • The hedge funds and traders have had this in a range for months and its has been 8.65 to 9.33. I am a loyal long but many on here can not understand Earnings per Share, Revenue they only want to look at production growth. In this world you have to aware of what companies are invested in your stock and the amazing computer technology they have over the stock exchanges. This is a great stock to buy for long term portofolio or to treat as a cash hold or cash equivalent but you holding period has to be at least 6 to 24 months unless KOG reduces shareholder count, pays down debt or just flat out smashes targets which KOG has not done yet and the last press release had nothing about blowing away the exit rate. I am still targeting KOG at around 1.1 to 1.3 billion in sales this year and most people are around 800 million to 900 million. The bakken is a learning game and we really only have KOG and CLR, OAS that can give us an idea of what long term growth could be but both OAS and CLR have dramatically different financial set ups something KOG does not have to its advantage but it does seem to have some real rich property and smart drilling skills.

    • You think this is bad wait until the earnings come out. Why do you think the pps is falling so fast? Earnings are going to suck.

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        Fed's Bullard: Fed Policy to Stay 'Easy' for 'Long Time'
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        Published: Friday, 22 Feb 2013 | 7:59 AM ET
        By: Matthew J. Belvedere



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        Fed's Bullard: This is Monetary Policy That 'Packs a Punch'
        James Bullard, president of St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank, says Fed policy will remain easy for a long time. "We are looking for improvements in labor markets," he says.
        The Federal Reserve's "very aggressive" easy money policy is going to stay that way for a "long time," St. Louis Fed President James Bullard told CNBC on Friday.

        "This is a monetary policy that packs a punch," said Bullard, who's a voting member on the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC).

        Uncertainty about the future of the central bank's bond-buying program has weighed on the stock market in recent days.

        Adam Jeffery | CNBC
        James Bullard, CEO & President, St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank.
        But the St. Louis Fed president said in Friday's "Squawk Box" interview, "I think policy is much easier than it was last year because the outright purchases are more potent tool than the 'Twist' program was … I don't think markets have fully absorbed that switch."

        Bullard added, "Fed policy is very easy and it's going stay easy for a long time."

        On Wednesday, the FOMC released minutes of its January meeting, which said "many participants" expressed concerns about "potential costs and risks arising from further asset purchases."

        (CNBC Explains: Fed's Bond Buying Program, Also Known as 'Quantitative Easing')

        "It's true that the committee is thinking about how are we going to handle this later this year," Bullard admitted. "But that's a natural thing for the committee to be talking about."

        (Read More: Fed Officials Divided on Future of QE)

        As for the economy, "The amount of global economic uncertainty is way down from where it was last year," he said, adding that first- quarter economic growth looks to be tracking at about 2.5 percent, following the negative reading in the fourth quarter.

        For the year, Bullard predicted gross domestic product growth at 3 percent, though he acknowledged that he's on the optimistic side.

        (Read More: Fed's Williams: Risk of Losses Shouldn't Deter Fed)

        The Fed has said it wants to see the unemployment rate fall to 6.5 percent or inflation rise to 2.5 percent before considering any changes in its policies.

        Bullard warned investors not to think in terms of dates for the ending or winding down of quantitative easing. "You should be thinking in terms of how the economy is going to perform. … Substantial improvement in labor market conditions doesn't happen overnight," he said.

        "The committee should acknowledge gradual improvement when we see it, when we think we see it," Bullard added, "and gradually taper back the program."

        Bullard explained that he's advocated this type of approach for a long time "[so] on the day [QE] ends it's not such a big day."

        He added: "It's just a continuous thing where you go from a small amount of purchases to zero."

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • This stock is pushed down on every move up. If earnings do not move this stock then nothing will. I would not hold my breath waiting for a buyout at this point it does not seem likely. JMO

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