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  • budfears budfears Apr 11, 2013 6:15 PM Flag

    earning call released on time no need of putting off another big miss.


    call on may 2 numbers on may1 . im going to make my call before any of you lowlife f u k heads miss by 9 cents and lose of 32million. and the excuse will be a short quarter and experamental drilling on new pads, and here is the hook " next quarter we will be caught up " and production will soar. im hoping for rain so they can use the flood excuse. only 13 business days till your next heart break. here is how its gonna play_ we got so much oil and no where tp put it. so a little rain they cliose down drilling, for a little while say ,not a complete shut down maby a cut back oil goes to 83.00 because of the glut. meanwhile the selloff happenes, not a big one but say 7% this stock can make 6.98 like the last big dive. l.p. sells more of his shares . now if you realy want to see a colape the opec guys need more bentlys so they flood the brent, now we are talking 5 handle. dont forget rice bowl baby might start a war. would one of you loyal longs tell me again how this dog ever in 13 days avoides missing. tomorrow my first move will be a core sized short i will pay a little over to get it started but its all down from here. enjoy your dinner because its the last night it will be above 8.00 for a long time.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Is this a tea leaf, fortune cookie,, chicken wing, sister, call, From the greatest grouper that ever swam the oceans????

      PERVERT ALERT!!!!!

    • I hitched my wagon to this star and have been burned again and again in the last two years. I am now beginning to see KOG for what it is. A company enriched by great holding and impoverished by amateurish managers whose insider trading betrays the the sad state of affairs and the lack of "interior" confidence. I hold 30000 shares and am now married to KOG--at least until I can get an upward pulse of .75 cents. What a sad tale--such incredible real estate and such incompetent management.

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      • Partly true I would agree but many of us get caught up in the real estate and forget to look at the outstanding share, the management has not been bad, there is just too many outstanding shares and until KOG either reduces the debt or starts selling about 250 million a quarter they are going to be a slow boat. Personally I think he is trying to prove it up and get rid of it, the Kola wells are doing pretty well almost averaging 850 bopd after a year. I am not found of their strategy this year, I would understand one test site but two, we just have to wait and see how the results are going to be, personally I would look at the 2015 options and either straddle some option positions or just be invested without having so much dead money and miss the possible events. It cost me over 30,000 holding KOG last year.

    • KogSmog/budguy only problem with your prediction is that you are wrong over 50 percent of the time, so we're better off consulting a coin flip...RDT

    • So, let us accept that you are the Socrates/Plato/Aristotle of the financial world. As I am willing to stipulate to that, why, then, are you "sentimented" as a "strong buy?" Clearly, you thing KOG is run by charlatans, ,more indebted than the the US government, and engaged in a no-win scenario where even if they reduce their costs, the glut of global oil will make it all but impossible to sell. Why do you speak with your tongue so "fork-ed?"