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  • rgchjr1945 rgchjr1945 Sep 27, 2013 12:59 PM Flag

    Are we where the shale gas stocks were 2006 - 2008

    Anyone that was into the shale gas boom 5 - 7 years ago (Sothwestern, Ultra, Petrohawk etc.) knows that once those stocks hit a certain market cap level (about where KOG is today) they tripled in a very short period of time (a year or so). I owned SWN and it pretty quickly went from a $3-4 billion dollar market cap to $12 billion. It is increased cash flow and becoming cash flow neutral and then positive that drives market value. Short sellers, Market maker shenanigans, etc is all BS. Once these guys hit critical mass thay take off like a rocket. A lot of these oil drillers are at that point. Small enough to take advantage of huge revenue gains.

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    • I'm looking for a mini-KOG ~ Any rec's would be appreciated ~ Long KOG since late "07...Thanks in advance!

    • Right on Rgchjr.......Kodiak is "rounding the crest of the top of the hump"......& is pickin up speed...critical mass & near cash flow positive...along with nervous shorts is propelling us nicely here. The massive amount of oil in place on kog land is now coming reality.......

      The "loyal Longs" have predicted this for a long time.....& Peterson & the Boyz are now proving it out.

      Wheeliess & his 25 aliases here are 90% of the posts on this board & he is the clown that has left the most $ on the table with his games........

      "Loyal Long" = maximum % gains = no brainer



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