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  • mr_ortooglo mr_ortooglo Oct 2, 2013 7:48 AM Flag

    OT ~ Re: Govt Shutdown ~ Can Someone Help Me With This...?

    800,000 Non Essential workers sent home under the "Government Shutdown" ~ X-number retained for essential services and duties ~ From what is being reported and what my understanding is that the 800K non essential workers will be receiving "Back Pay"...Is this a JOKE...?...If this is the case, why is their even a shutdown...?...If everyone is being paid anyway why aren't they at their desks in an effort to justify their phony baloney jobs...?...Sounds to me like an "unintentional vacation"; All non essentials, "take a few weeks off with pay even though you've already soaked the taxpayers for your paid vacations that you've already taken" ~ You just can't make this sh_yt up....

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