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  • symon_says_ symon_says_ Dec 6, 2013 2:33 PM Flag

    Fun, Games and Downright Larceny!

    Has anyone noticed in the past when KOG is about to update their progress, the games start with dumping good-sized chucks followed by the familiar buying back in smaller pieces soon thereafter?

    It's called taking out the "Stops" and filling your basket.

    It's certainly fun to watch as the big players practice what they do best, manipulate and massage the little guy into selling low while they fill their pockets.

    Thank you online brokers for teaching novices about "Stops" and the fallacy that you can outsmart the market while being fleeced yourself!

    Ok, OK, here it comes......................any intelligent trader uses "Stops", I know, I know but I'm simply making an observation of a higher form of investing.......i.e. paying attention to the underlying fundamentals of a rapidly expanding company's value by the drill bit and the technology behind it using other people's money at a paltry 5.3% for 7-years on uncallable terms.

    What a wonderful game!

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